[Lee Gong-dong] Nexons new squadder

There was a one-way developer in Korea. Nexon’s representative development subsidiary Net Games and Nexon Kiti have completed the merger, and officially launched the integrated corporation Nexon Games.

The two companies that have been significant in the original is as part of the company’s scaling. More than 1,000 employees are over, and the total market capitalization is also over 1 trillion won. In all aspects, it is the most large number of Nexon subsidiaries. In the board of directors, the Current Nexon Korea Lee Jung-hyun’s representative is also responding to the feeling of pushing it at the warrior level. It can be seen that the expectation for the synergy that will be made and operated by the company, and the expectation of the synergy will be greatly great.

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The role of Nexon Games is ‘new development’. In the first place, one of the two companies, a net game, was famous for its active new work, and Nexon was actually a very much new work to develop and release this year. It is scheduled to be released this year this year, which is a subsequent song of the hit, which is a new one, which is revealed right now, and is expected to be released this year. In August of last year, I said I would present a net game ticket game one year in a year, so it will be a municipality that one more work will come out every year in Nexon Games.

As a company that has been launched by Nexon’s dominant company, the expectations of people are also large. Games Mecca ID Jinjong Boy “I was assessed that you defined in a word. “I am looking forward to the project Magnum”, “If you make a game only, you can have a comment. Games Mecca Meath “Holding each other’s disadvantages and actively sharing the disadvantages of each other in each field, and if you actively share the development capabilities and operational know-how in each field,” said, “” It seems to be a key to the key “left the cool evaluation of the expression.

The merger was over and the company has officially launched, and now it’s time to start working properly. The expectation of gamers as much as the middle of being left in Nexon is also a situation where the sky is stinging. The compatibility of the two companies is very good, as when the merger news was first heard. Pc online game, Console, AAA-class open-world 3D action game, so I hope gamers make the work you want.

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