Nexon Games Full launch, net Games – Nexonji Merger Complete

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Net Games and Nexon Kiti announced on the 31st that he completed the merger between the two companies and became formal to Nexon Games, a consolidated corporation.

According to the merger of the two companies, Nexon Games was one thousands of employees. Nexon Games is a policy that focuses on the development of the development capabilities of existing two companies in the future, while building the best multiplatform development environment that covers PC, mobile, console, and so on.

In addition, we plan to share the IT infrastructure that the existing Net Games and Nexon Kiti operated each run, and to enable facilities and R & D investments to maximize management performance.

Nexon Games is a ‘Sudden Attack’, which is playing the prime minister in the 17th year of service, and the Mobile MMORPG ‘V4’, which won the President of the Republic of Korea, the Collection RPG ‘Blue Archive’ It will be added to the stable development of the stable development of new development.

Death of a Game: Maplestory 2

This year, I will launch a three-person shooting game featuring MMORPG ‘Hit 2 (HIT2) and a strategic 5-to-five combat that is expecting a “Hit (HIT)”, Genre ‘Project Magnum’ is preparing a variety of large new shoes.

Park Yong-hyun, Nexon Games, said, “The biggest assets of Nexon Games are the highest level of experience and skills in various genres,” said Nexon Games, “said Nexon Games’ developers with the highest level of experience and ability in various genres,” said, Through expansion, he will be leaping to a national representative developer. “

Net Games and Nexon Kiti decided to merge through the Board of Directors last December to maximize the development capacity synergies and strengthen global competitiveness. Since then on February 8th, the merger agenda has been approved at the Temporary General Assembly.

Meanwhile, Nexon Games was eligible for the new manager of Nexon Korea CEO, Shin Ji-hwan, Nexon Kiti, and Shin Ji-hwan, Nexon Kiti, and Shin Ji-hwan, a new manager. Especially, Lee, Jeong-myeon, Nexon Korea, the director of Nexon Games, will enhance organic collaboration with Nexon Korea through the joining the Nexon Games.

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