Wow leakage names of the new extension: DragonFlight (Update: with photo).

What occurred? At the same time, followers and players are well trained in finding also the tiniest hints to the following extension – and also Snowstorm is a blunder. Exactly how Wowhead has divulged, you can see the resource code of the official site of World of Warcraft and already check out the name of the next extension: DragonFlight.

Actually, Followers of World of Warcraft must still rest for around 2 weeks, since after that Blizzard formally presents the following extension of the MMORPGS. And now the designers have probably going through a fat patter and also the name of the upcoming extension was jellact: it will probably be “DragonFlight”.

_ Update 3:01: _ A (intended) photo to the next extension has actually appeared (listed below in the post).

World of Warcraft has most likely lacted the name of the new extension. A mistake reveals on the main web site what it’s everything about.

In the source code, there are some lines of code that pertain to the presale of the following extension. The lines know such as:

Hence, Snowstorm probably continues to be with the version that there is also the following Addon 3 various versions with various pre-order benefits and ingredients – most likely the installs, pet dogs as well as transmog sets or playthings, as it was already the situation with Shadowlands. By the way, the leakage fits another leakage of a few months earlier, even if the addon ought to still be called “Dragon Isles”.

WoW DragonFlight Base Prepurch
WoW Dragonflight Heroic Prepurch
WoW Dragonflight Epic Prepurch

Listed below in the code there is still proof that you can get an upgrade to update from the BASE version to the brave or legendary variation.

Also a picture of the upcoming extension has actually emerged, which makes the round over imgur in numerous online forums as well as the wow-subbreddit. This additionally reveals an initial artwork as well as the lettering to “DragonFlight”:.

Exactly how likely is that? Very.

What will it go in the brand-new addon? The name lets just a couple of scope for analysis.

Already in patch 9.2.5 there is proof that problems dominate in the north of Lordaeron – this is also the location where the fabulous “dragon islands” get on old cards, a feasible as well as very most likely scene of the next addbon.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight Uncovered? The Website Leak vs. MMOC Leak!

Please take into consideration that it is still a leak. Although it has the blizzard “self-drawn”, yet this is not validated until now. All tips speak a clear language.

100% security is just offered on 19 April at the main announcement. But that longs for a reunion with the dragons and also lastly a return to Azeroth, that may leave his anticipation for a cost-free run.

Do you go to a dragon addon? Or is that nothing for you?

World of Warcraft has actually most likely lacted the name of the new extension. On the other hand, followers as well as gamers are well trained in finding even the smallest clues to the next extension – as well as Snowstorm is an error. Exactly how likely is that? What will it go in the new addon? ** The name lets just a couple of extent for interpretation.

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