Horizon Forbidden West: Solved one of the most cumbersome aspects of the game and you did not know

Horizon Forbidden West will be clearly among the best games of the year. Aloy’s adventures have left a very good taste in both the criticism and the public. But there are also improveable aspects in which practically we will all agree.

One of them, for example, is that Aloy talks too much and leaves no margin to the players to solve puzzles. Another one is that everything related to the farmeo is a bit cumbersome. We refer to having to collect soil materials, such as branches or berries, and then be able to convert them into combat tools.

To do this, you have to press a button and Aloy make an animation crouching. In the end we do it mechanically, but it does not stop being boring. Fortunately, from Guerrillas they have noticed and have included an option for the collection of materials to be done automatically when passing over.

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As you can see right over, we have discovered thanks to the Twitter user named @vanishingGracee, who illustrates it with a video. So, either walking or in mount, Aloy will collect everything that is on the road without us having to press any button . Comfortable, right?

You can activate it from the game menu. To do this, you have to go to the configuration of the main menu and go to “general”. There you will find the option of “collection animation”. If you deactivate it, ALOY will collect everything that is simply happening over the objects in question . You will save a lot of time on your trip through the West Prohibited.

What do you think about this function? It seems that the Dutch study has added it a posteriori, taking into account the FEEDBACK of the players, making life easier to all. If you want to remember what the game seemed to us, we leave you with our full analysis.

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