LOL: Pharaohs earn their ticket for the end of the

After having defeated the shark and a short break, the rainbow team would seek to make the pharaoh fall into a confrontation that could give him his pass to the final. A great Sunday to live the second semifinal of the Latin American league letting two teams that crossed at the beginning of the playoffs where estrella left in the Bracket under Rainbow 7.

Starting the series and with a bitter drink for a few weeks ago for the Rainbow team, the team of the Pharaohs selected a viego for the Mexican player Jesus “Grell” Loya who would begin to form a dragon-based strategy that gave him possibilities to your team to get victory, at the top Emanuel “Acce” Juaréz gave a chair of how not to use the passive , because it would end the game without dying, and that would be the unstoppable front line That Rainbow 7 would not be able to go down letting the estrique team get the first point of the series.

For the second game we saw that the multicolored team would play an unusual selection of Vayne for his Lorenzo shooter “CEO” Tévez who would manage the line phase very intelligently, looking to climb and being protected by his team, a game that was seen Pretty couple as a goal that would give an unexpected turn when the upper rail of the pharaohs was poorly unemployed and upon turning the definitive CEO would start the dance known as Pentakill allowed them to tie the confrontation.

Arriving at a third round, where things were couples and wanting to look for a different proposal for the R7 team with a Twisted Fate in the hands of Park “CEPTED” Wi-Rim that I would seek to reach the rails to support, without However, things did not come out as they expected but the player who would be in the rotations was the jungle of estrusive that little by little helped his team obtain the soul of the dragons and resources for Ju “Bvoy” Yeong, That in the fights I would achieve free, getting to contribute for the second victory of the team.

A fourth game in the end of the final was present to see if the leading table team could find the tie, playing with the spark of Zaun in the hands of CEO Accompanied by a Renata Glass in the hands of Eduardo “Slow” Garcés who became a nightmare of the pharaohs, the fights they proposed were thanks to the mistakes he committed estrol where one of them was in the central lane that allowed himself to finich the game and leave the game 2-2 in the series.

Betting everything in a single game, both teams took selections that had worked on the past items, the theft of gnar by estral to give it to acce and let it play freely as support In the fights it was one of the keys, GRELL showed a very clean game getting the hex soul for your team and in an erroneous baron search created by r7 was where a greater advantage was achieved for the pharaoons, the game was closed with ancestral dragon that served to give him that twist flavored to victory.

After a suffered series, the Mexican team takes its ticket for the final at Argentina , where the faces against AZE will be seen to look for the rematch and define who will be the representative of the at the MSI, where they will be measured against international speaking equipment.

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