Lost Ark: Whistle emote get

In Lost Ark there are many emotes to discover. This can be a crying, a dance or even the whistle. Especially the latter is not unimportant in MMORPG. You will learn in this guide:

  • Why your whistling should learn
  • How to get the emote
  • What requirements are needed

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What do I need the whistle emote?

The emote “whistle” you need for the relationship quest “strange symptoms” of Nagi. There you have to whistle for the quest progress. This is worth it, since you get two bags with engraving instructions from a higher relationship level, which can be epic or even legendary.

In addition, you get 2,200 gold, if you bring the relationship status to “familiar”.

How do I get the “whistle” note?

To get the emote, you have to be on the road with your character in the late game. Say, It needs level 50 and at least one item level of 802.

Then you have to complete the Quest “Raufbolde in the floor” on the island of the azure wind to unlock the call system for the “insects from the grass fields”. This reputation lives about the daily tasks of UNA. If you have reached the third call level, you get the coveted emote automatically.

But that sounds easier than it is. ** Since you only have a certain number of tasks from UNA every day, you need 15 days until you reach the third call level. It best places the bifrust point on the island of the azure wind. This simplifies you the call-grinden.

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Whistle Emote Guide | Strange Symptoms | Ruffians in the Ground Una's Task Daily | Lost Ark

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