Pulse (Representative Heavy) announced that it donated with a black desert user “Warm heart package” sales returned to the recovery for rent for the victim of the sale of the sale of the sale of the ‘warm heart package’.

This donation is the second sponsoring on March to help the Gyeongbuk Firefighting Headquarters and Kang Won-ri headquarters to help fortune depression.

Donation events have been conducted in a way that conveys the full amount of package products that have been conformed to the 5 opinions of the black desert streamer from March 23 to 30. The sales proceeds of the five packages created after the names of the main streams gathered with a total of over 85 million won.

Purt, Bis has held a donation ceremony on the 4th and delivered the proceeds to the “Hope Bridge National Disaster Resident Association”. Donations will be used for recovery support in Gyeongbuk and Gangwon area, which are built in forest fires.

“I hope that the warm mind of adventurers will help heal the wounds of the victims of the victims,” said Bis Greetings, “said Bis Greeting Culture Support. I said, “he said.

Black Desert Remastered First Impressions
Purt, Bis conducted US $ 100 million in the year of the year of the year, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine Emergency medical subsidy was 100 million won, and ‘Former Market’ with ‘100 million won of society without borders, and’ Formy Market ‘proceeds with our employees. Due to disasters, it is developing an active social contribution activities such as where to hand the help of help and community sponsorship.

On the other hand, another base procedure in the black desert with the start of the forest fire donation event. A streamer that goes on the black desert broadcast was joined with the sponsorship of the audience, and contributed separately to the sponsorship group.

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