Tiny Tinas Wonderlands has a “finest weapon” – that makes you so excellent

What makes the weapon so strong? The “Liquid Cooling” – or “liquid cooling”, in German – is an effective, fabulous handgun from the supplier SKulgugger in Tiny Tina‘s Wonderlands.

That can, if you aim, create you simply not stop shoot – a minimum of till all your ammunition is gone.

Also better: If you utilize the Killomant class, you can make use of the ability “out of the shadows” – then you will be temporarily all the hits to vital hits. So you really stop shooting until the ability has run out.

Intiny Tina’s Wonderlands simply attract attention a tool out of the group: “Liquid Cooling” is called the gun as well as is equally as the very best tool that you can discover.

Right here comes the solid impact of the tool to carry: constantly when your essential hit attains with the Liquid Cooling, the overheating meter is reset a little bit.

Like all other Skulgugger weapons, she has the peculiarity not to be charged. Rather, she has an overheating meter that is complete after a particular number of shots. It’s end to fire.

Just how effective she is, can you see, for instance, here in the video of Youtuber Ki11ersix:

Generally, the tool has very strong damages worths and also can even drop with a double damages version. In enhancement, it depends Cryo damage with your opponents. They are reducing and also freezing – as well as come to be even much easier objectives for crucial hits.

In the Wonderlands area as well as a number of Youtubern, the “Liquid Cooling” is simply a name as the currently finest tool in the video game.

However where do you find the thing?

Here you will find the Liquid Cooling in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Yet: No matter which alternative you need a great deal of lot happiness. According to existing state, the tool is very uncommon. However, the search could be beneficial.

Did you defeat them, at the very least the chance to get a Liquid Cooling.

So you get the Liquid Cooling: There are a number of methods to obtain to Liquid Cooling.

  • You can just show up as a world decline – ie virtually all over
  • It can also appear in vending devices
  • As a benefit for the turmoil chambers in the endgame of the Wonderlands you can likewise obtain you

In enhancement to strong weapons, Wonderlands – Borderlands-typical – likewise a few well-baked tools. One of them is the harmful bread cannon – which too is not so bad.

According to current state, the tool is incredibly rare.

Liquid Cooling Legendary Weapon Guide | Bullet Barrage! (Tiny Tina's Wonderlands)
The “most safe” version is, nevertheless, the manager “Lissia” in the splitting mast bay. Lissia satisfies her in the boss-obelisk behind the waterfall in the splitting pole bay. Here you have to plene some waves of skeletons before Lissia yourself shows up. Did you defeat them, at the very least the chance to get a Liquid Cooling.

Like all various other Skulgugger tools, she has the peculiarity not to be billed. In basic, the weapon has extremely strong damages worths and can even drop with a double damages version. They are reducing down and also freezing – as well as end up being also easier objectives for important hits.

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