Galaxy murder Burger shop sim “GODLIKE BURGER” delivery date decided to eat customers

Daedalic Entertainment announced that the delivery date of the Space Burger Management Games “ GODLIKE Burger ” developed by Liquid Pug was decided on April 21 locally.

In this work, I will be a chef of a space Burger shop that travels with a galaxy, individually offers a kitchen and offers a delicious burger for aliens customers. The secret of the deliciousness is what aliens customers themselves. Kill the guests who visited the store and make it food. It is good to go to the trap, and it is good to go from the front of the meat cut. If you suspect the space police, you will be relocated or passing the bribe and miss it.

  • Make the best burger, let’s make a tailed diner a famous restaurant. If the fame increases, customers can also go, the money will increase!

  • Several a wide variety of secret traps, death sources, trust and reliable meat knives!

  • Enhance the kitchen and find the taste of various aliens. I clear the secret of perfect burger.

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* Explore the galaxy and stars. There are various aliens tribes, each of which is strength and weakness.

  • Do not get caught! Don’t leave a witness, plan and execute it wisely and do not suspect the police.

  • Manage the restaurant at night and manage the restaurant: Create a new “source” and buy the ingredients, upgrade the kitchen and traps and weapons.

  • Clear the quest, let’s solve a lot of various problems from the clog of the toilet to the shower of the meteor and the raid of zombies.

The “GODLIKE Burger” in the setting that has been fleed off is scheduled to be distributed for Windows / Mac / Linux.

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