How to get scales commodo in Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition begins with anxious premonition – and suddenly you find yourself in the peaceful seaside village of Arnie. Girlfriend of childhood Serge, Lina, sends you to the rock of lizards to find three scales dragon Komodo for her necklace before you can meet her on the beach of Opassa. Here’s how to get them.

where to find scales commodo for lina

Scales Komodo is going to Dragon Puppies Komodo in Rock Lizard , which is located south-west of the village of Arnie on the world map. All you need to do is find three puppies and touch them to start the battle, and then defeat them to get scales. However, puppies run away as soon as they see you, and you have to go out and log in to the area so that they appear again.

Puppy Komodo # 1

It can be found in the very first area of the northern cliff of lizards. When you enter, it will rush, but you need Move the purple stone to block the entrance to the cave . As soon as it is blocked, go to the puppy of the Komodo. He stupidly run into the cave trap so that you fought and collected his scales.

puppy commodo # 2

Now go south to the next area, and you will see a dragon puppy of the Komodo, reaching a semicircle around a raised platform. Run it when you come up, and go north to a huge green stalk growing out of the water. You will enter the previous area again, but at a higher level where you can go back and go south to the area that you just left.

Now you should be on the ledge right above the puppy. Jump from the southern tip of the protrusion and directly on it in perfect time. – or you miss, and it will run. You may have to try to do it several times.

puppy commodo # 3

Chrono Cross - Disc 1 - Collecting Komodo Scales (ePSXe 1.7.0)

From the second puppy area, go to the north-west to the next area. The third puppy just walks here on the pond, so just pursue him, as he has nowhere to run . As soon as you touch him and defeat it, their mother will appear in the battle – much larger than their children. But this boss is very easy to defeat, and as soon as you do it, you will have all three scales.

Now you can go south on the world map to the beach of opass and meet Lina with prey.

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