Urban legend, famous ghost talk to the end of the end! ? World that did not notice in “Ghostwire: TOKYO” [Special feature]

! Note! This article contains some spoiler expressions of the game.

Action Adventure “ GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO ” released on March 25, 2022 from Bethesda Softworks. Main works developed by Tango Gameworks, who led Sanami Shinji, will draw a story of the protagonist “Ausan” and the spirit of the buddy ‘KK’, who chasing the monster case that people disappeared by the stage of Tokyo and Shibuya.

In this work, a mission that occurs with enemies and various monsters called “Malevit” appeared. Many of the famous urban legends, youkai, ghosts, etc. are motifs. Survey articles about the original material of Malevit have already been published, but this work can find missions and episodes that are famous for otherwise the famous legend.

In this paper, we will introduce the various objects and mission “original news” found in the game.

# From the Serable City Legend to a Talk! This is the original story?

■ Curse video tape

In the game, “Nekomata” appeared as a collective item that is required. It seems that there is a spooky video that is very unusual. Needless to say this original material, it will be a videos of the curse that appears in “Ring”.

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Although there is no description such as dying when you look at the video, you can see the picture at the street of the cat Mata, and you can see how long haired people come from the back of the screen. In addition, the curse is proliferating, and you can also check the contents of “helical”, such as being able to use the document.

Personally, I can not feel the times that the description of the “video tape” itself is written at the beginning of the database.

# # # ■ Moving Portrait

Portrait of a musician appearing in a certain sub quest. You will move out very much (well?) With the quest progress. This is a familiar story of a familiar story of schools in Japan, and a familiar story.

In the quest, “The piano (actually plays a ghost…)” also appeared. It seems that piano that rings although this is no longer has a folklore in the late 1940s.

By the way, “Ghostwire: TOKYO” does not appear as a stage, so this quest is an “personal home with a piano”.

# # ■ Voice calling “Please give me a paper” in the toilet

Appeared in the early subquest. It is a content that makes the wish of ghost that asks you to “give me a paper” in the public toilet. This original material seems to be a spectacular talk that is told throughout the country.

In a ghost talk, the voice of “ Kami Give ” from the private room of the school, and if you try to pass a toilet paper, it is basic that “It’s not the paper, this hair!” It is. There is also a pattern that it will be dragged into the toilet bowl as it is the most scary story.

In the game, we will proceed with commal content quests, but the ghosts that are traised by the toilet are an impressive impression that many are sponsored.

# # ■ Human Surfu Dog Mummy

Appeared as a collective item for “Nekomata”. The face of the body with a human body was a dog in the late 1989, and the city legend “human beege” that was popular in the first half of the 1990s is the original material.

As the most popular content of human beings, is it that it turns down and says “Please be relieved” if you can’t pay attention to the dog that is fishing. Various derivations are also born, such as running at high speed, bite (changing to human face dogs if biting).

About the birth, there are various theories such as “A certain institute,” “The owner and dogs are dead and combined.” In addition, I remember that this human surface dog was a big boom, and a human side was introduced on TV at that time. It is also explained that there was an eye on the Edo period in the game.

Although it appears as a mummy in the game, this “Mummy of the monster” is a record that is unusual as a craft in the Edo period in Japan, and there is a record that mermaid and demon mummy was exported to the world through the Netherlands. It seems. Of course, many of them were produced based on animal bones and detects, but may have had a real monster…?

# # ■ Picture of the flying out and ran away

Appeared in the subquest that the picture of the dragon of the temple has run away. This picture runs away with many legends since ancient times, and there is a “dragon point” for the famous late condition.

At the time of late depicting 4 dragons in China’s painter and Zhang, the picture was not drawn to the picture. The reason was that “If you draw your eyes, the dragon jumped out”, but the legend that the people who drew Zhang sight and rising to the sky where the two dragons drew is.

曲亭馬琴「南総里見八犬伝」では同じく瞳を書き入れられた虎が抜け出して暴れるエピソードが存在しています。 In addition, the legend that a ghost image drawn by a painter and a mariyama elbene of the Edo period is left as a rakugo or a kouration.

# # # ■ Mail of apples

Message of a smartphone found in a certain sub quest. The person of C is a cryptography with “apple feed”. This is the original material that the group of the “Space Friendship Association (CBA)”, which existed, has become an origin.

CBA, established in 1957, was a group mainly mainly for contact with aliens. They also conducted activities such as translation of the writer of overseas UFO researchers, and there was a description that the Stanford brothers were published in 1958 in 1958. is. In the group, it seems that there was a situation that suggested one “end of the end”, seems to have had a twist and turns in this period.

In 1959, in the membership message (commonly known as Knaga) created by the CBA contacts (commonly known as Kunaga), “The land shaft may cause a large flood during the 1960 and 62 years, but the place specified at that time It is said that people who are in the sky will be saved by an alien.

In addition, since the telegram (or other method) written 10 years ago, the “apple feed C” will arrive 10 years ago, so if you receive it, the instruction to move to the specified location was written is. By the way, C is an encryption indicating the initial letter of catastrophe, and it is said that living things other than those saved by aliens according to documents can survive. This document seems to have been an article in 1960’s Sankei newspaper through CBA members and has become a big scandal.

# # ■ Red blooming cherry blossoms

Subquest “The cherry blossoms that the corpse is filled with the corners where corpses are filled in red”. In the game, defeat the attacking malebate and change the original cherry color petals by taking care of cherry blossoms.

It is said that the common theory that the corpse is filled under the beautifully blooming cherry blossoms is coming from Kasai Kiroi “Sakura Tree”. In addition, the folklist and Kunio Yanagida says that there was a custom for planting a cherry blossom that plans to plant cherry blossoms in a place where the dead and tombs such as the temple and the tomb is in the place where the Temple and the tomb is in the “Shinshu”. These explanations are made of work, resulting in very high convincing power in the depiction of this work.

As the cherry blossom color changes, the legend that “the color of the flower where the corpse is buried will change” may be original. The famous is the story of overseas short story novels, and hydrangea where the color of the flower changes due to the components in the soil is an important point of the story.

■ Diamond that owner becomes unhappy

Gems that the owner becomes unhappy in the subquest. Gems said to be unhappy will exist in the world’s history, but the model of the game seems to be the most famous “Hope Diamond” from the design.

This diamond, which was found in India around the 9th century, was subjected to a lot of possessions thereafter. There is also a legend that Louis 14 was purchased and Mary Antoinette, which is a later Louis 16thlo’s Congress, is that these various unhappy episodes are mostly creative and leg color.

Currently, it is held at the American Smithsonian Museum. By the way, the museum can enjoy a virtual tour from the official website.

# # ■ Doppelganger will die

Episode that appears in the Subquest in the game. It is said that death is approaching if you meet Doppelganger who has a figure of two and two.

A ghost talk witnesses Doppelganger, but the person is a different place, and there are patterns reflected in photos and images. In addition, the episode is also famous that the United States’ s 16th President Lincoln and Writers of Akutagawa Ryunosuke witnessed its own Doppelganger.

It may be explained in medical terms such as Doppelganger’s self-image phantom, but in that case, the part that does not explain to the event that others see Doppelganger. Occult reasons also include lifestyle and parallel world theory.

■ As a strange thing is visible in corneal transplantation

This is also from the episode that appears in the Subquest in the game. A female patient transplanted with an accident that died in an accident draws a fear experience that a patient who has become originally visible.

If you have transplanted organs, etc. of others, the story that you can get the memory and preference and ability, which has been published in 1998, Clare Sylvia’s book “Memorable Heart-Cardiac Transplant Patient Notebook A concrete example is given.

It is a porting of this memory that can be addressed frequently in fiction works, but there is no scientific basis. However, Claire’s case seems to be no longer denying. Human memory should stay in the brain, but may some of the souls?

In the game, there are many episodes and quests that remind you of various urban legends and ghosts such as “Kisaragi Station”, “Turbo Baaa” and “Red Landscel”, “Kisaragi Station”, “Turbo Baaa” and “Red Landscel”.

The system of this work system that “relieve soul to a place to a place to a place to a public phone” is also considered that the urban legendary “Public phone connected to that world” is a motif.

I think that the monster who is not aware of the author is still prepared for “Ghostwire: TOKYO”. GAME * SPARK Reader found, if there is a former material of the work I came up, please tell me in the comments section.

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* Update (2022/4/10 21:20): Fixed the text of the text. Thank you for pointing out in the comments section.

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