All locations The Obelisks in Destiny 2

The obelisks have come Destin 2. They act as small terminals of missions so that the players get the TimeLost premiums. They work a bit like the regular premiums, but you have to pay a little more to add them to your quest log.

Destiny 2 - Obelisk Guide - Mods, Enhancement, Timelost Weapon Overiew
Here are all the obelisks we know and their locations:

Embellished shore obelisk. You meet him when looking for a question of time when you meet Osiris for the first time. To continue through the rest the sections of Season of Dawn, you must interact with him. You should have no trouble locating it. To unlock it, you must recover several different objects with the local enemies, then collect The light orb (what you can do using the capabilities of your goalkeeper, great or a weapon of masterpiece).

Mars Obelisk. You can receive Osiris Quest called Mars: Harmonization of the Obelisk. Just like the previous obelisk, you must get the components The local enemies, which are the hive. You must collect 50 Braytech from them. Fortunately, other players probably make the mission of the climbing protocol on the planet, so you should have a lot of take away hive. Afterwards, you must collect The light orbs by performing the tasks mentioned above.

We will update this guide when more obelisks will unlock in the game.

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