ComicBook Nation: Doctor Strange 2 villanos, Sonic 2 Reaction, resumen de WrestleMania 38

CB Crew Reviews Nation Sonic Erizo 2 and the latest episodes of Marvel’s Moon Knight and Halo television series, we recap wrestlemania 38, we break down the new trailers of Doctor Strange 2 and Star Trek, in addition, our first retro Review will be The godfather of comic films: Espada!

If you want to follow our retro review of Espada Here is a Twitter where the presenter Kofi Outlaw analyzes the reflections of him on the film, almost a quarter of a century after his premiere in theaters:

And here is the review of the Tanner Game Criter of sonic the hedgehog 2:

If Sonic The Hedgehog’s first film was a beginner course on what to know about the sprinter, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 feels like an intermediate test of how well the previous film was processed. It does not completely eliminate the discomfort of live action characters by crashing their fists and fighting against CGI elements that sometimes produce crosses like these, but with all their pranks and a much stronger influx of references and characters from Sonic, there is no doubt That this is a Sonic movie from start to finish.

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DR. Strange 2 Villians, Sonic 2 Reaction, WrestleMania 38 Recap (Comicbook Nation Episode 4x14)

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