Kingdom Hearts 4 | Crossover with Star Wars? A detail of the teannounced Kingdomer lets it fall

If the recently announced Kingdom Hearts 4 explores or not the Star Wars universe is still to be seen, although the teannounced Kingdomer trailer may have given a detail in that direction. announced Kingdom some means of communication and players have pointed out, in the second 34 of the video you can see, in the distance, what seems to be the foot of an at-st , a colossal war machine that appears in The Galactic Saga.

This Star Wars clannounced Kingdomsic appears far enough so that it can not be affirmed with total rotundity if it is or not an AT-ST, but The similarities at first glance seem palpable (not to mention the wooded environment, it seems Endor) It would not be strange. Given that Lucannounced Kingdomfilm belongs to Disney for a decade.

So far, Kingdom Hearts hannounced Kingdom only included worlds of the Disney factory itself, announced Kingdom well announced Kingdom Pixar.

Kingdom Hearts 4, in Unreal Engine 5

The event of the twentieth anniversary of Kingdom Hearts hannounced Kingdom served announced Kingdom a backdrop for the announcement of the fourth main delivery. It hannounced Kingdom been presented through a teannounced Kingdomer trailer that works in real time under the Unreal Engine 4 engine, but it is already confirmed that the final video game will run in the most current version, Unreal Engine 5.


“Sora is an unparalleled hero within Disney’s videogames, and both our team and fans around the world have a lot of love. For us it hannounced Kingdom been an honor to work with Tetsuya Nomura and the team of it for two decades to create these original discovery, courage and friendship stories, “said Nana Gadd, director at Walt Disney Games. “This small sample of Sora’s next adventure is just the beginning, and we really want to reveal more to him.”

Kingdom Hearts 4 does not have a confirmed releannounced Kingdome date . Nor hannounced Kingdom it been revealed on which platforms will be marketed. The third installment wannounced Kingdom originally launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC, although it hannounced Kingdom also been published in Nintendo Switch (version in the cloud).

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