Xbox Game Pass releases a strong blow against the new PS plus

As surely you know, Sony revealed the new PlayStation Plus a few weeks ago and inevitably, comparisons with Xbox Game Pass were allowed to come with everything. The truth is that both services do share several similarities, but the big difference is that PS plus premium will not offer the exclusive games of ps5 the same day of its launch, something that the service of Microsoft Yes ago.

To remind your users about this particular topic, the official account of Xbox Game Pass in Twitter shared a publication where this is specifically high, as well as some of the other benefits offered by this subscription.

Interestingly, this Tweet was shared the same day when Sony announced the new categories of PS Plus , so it was evidently as a direct blow for the competition. Obviously this will not change anything within the plans of the Japanese firm, but we know that these comments normally do them for fun.

Xbox Game Pass Puts PlayStation Plus To SHAME | Xbox Series X VS PS5 | Xbox & PS5 News
Editor’s note: And it is yes, Sony can not compete directly to Microsoft regarding Game Pass theme and its day one releases. It will be a matter of time to see exactly what so many benefits grants ps plus premium, and if it is worth it or not.

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