Now that you do not have a retirement, Battlefield 2042 Bugs 400

Despite the continued patches, the Battlefield 2042, which is a hunger from users, has announced the fourth large patch.

The EA reported that the 4.0 version patch was updated on the 18th of the Battlefield 2042 official community and twitter. The 4.0 version of the 4.0 patches boast a vast scale for more than 400 bug fixes. Voice chat is finally added, and changes the scoreboard to output at the end of the round. In addition, vehicles, attachments, grenade belts, etc. are improved and adjusted.

The bug fixes and bugs and convenience improvements mentioned above are also applied. In the outservations, the character will be fully modified by the character of the character to be broken, or the game progresses.

However, the reaction of the fans for this is caught. Despite a large number of patches, the bug that interferes with the game progress, even though the 4.0 version of 4.0 is updated in six months, is not broken. In fact, many battlefield fans play 4, 5, 1, and even in 2013 instead of the latest battlefield fans.

Vehicle Player Hitbox Bug in Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042 The version 4.0 version update is on the 18th. More information on this will also be disclosed with updates.

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