Fortnite, Chapter 3, Season 1: All Omnipuces Locations of Week 4

You are now used to it: since the beginning of the season, each week appears a new batch of Omnipuces with three locations to visit. Discover what will wait for this fourth week of season 2.


This season, so it will be necessary to go looking for Omnipuces on Fortnite to personalize its Omni sword skin. Every week, new locations are added with three chips each allowing you to push further the customization of this object with 9 chips a week.

The Omnipuces of the Daily Buggle

For the first place where you will have to go this week, take the northeastern direction of the map and more precisely Daily Bugle. The first chip is on the roof of the main building, just behind the giant sign.

Then enter the building that is northeast of the city and on the ground floor, at the level of libraries, you will find the second. Finally, the last chip is at the southern exit of the city, at the top of a stone pylon.

Omnipuces windbreaks

Then go to the windbreaks to find the next chips. By this name, understand that you will have to go to the level of the wind field in the southwestern part. The first chip is on the Tyrolean everything east of the area.

The good news is that you will not necessarily look far to find the following two chips. Indeed, These are found throughout the same zipline that takes you to the first wind turbine. This should allow you to quickly make full of flea.

The Canyon Condo Omnipuces

The last place where chips are this week, it is in the southern part of the map, at Condo Canyon. Once there, head to the small courtyard that is in the western part of the city. There, the chip is on a small rock.

Fortnite All Week 4 Omni Chips Locations Guide - Cando Canyon, The Daily Bugle & Windbreakers
Then go to the east, until dreaming at a small shelter where a distributor of Soda is located. It is before the latter that the second omnipuce is. Finally, for the last, leave a little further south, at the pool level . The chip is on the small piece of land in the middle.

Summary of our complete Guide to Fortnite Battle Royale – Chapter 3, Season 1


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