How to Get Life in Pokemon Go

On Wednesday, April 20, 2022, in Pokémon Go begins the celebration of the Sustainable Development Week of 2022. At this event, special attention is paid to the Pokemones of herbal type, which means that now the right time to capture Leafon, the evolution of the herbal type IVI. Lifefon is one of the best Pokemon Herbal Type in the game, so players must be used by this evolution when possible.

Where to find bonds in Pokémon Go

Lipheon, along with several other Evolutions of IVI, can be obtained in several different ways. There is a traditional method described on the screen of pokemon evolution, and a more secretive way.

Evolution IVI with MOSSY LURE

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Players can turn the IVI in the bodice using the traditional method using a mossy bait. Mossy Lures are objects that can be bought in an in-game store, and then use in the Poké Stop to attract many different Pokemon Herbal Type, which would otherwise find it difficult to find. In addition to attracting rare pokemon, finding next to Mossy Lure also allows players to turn their Eevee in Leafeon. Players still need to have 25 Eevee sweets needed for evolution, but finding next to this bait gives fans 100% chance to get Leafeon as a result of evolution.

how to call Ivi before evolution

Players can also develop EEVEE without Mossy Lure using the naming method. Each of the Evolutions of IVI has a name that is closely associated with it in anime, usually depending on which coaches used this Pokemon in battle. The assignment of the IVI of the corresponding title will lead to evolution in this Pokemon. Evolution Life Name Linneya . Players can rename Eevee in Linnea and develop it using 25 Eevee candies to get leafeon. It will work only once, so players must necessarily use strong IVI with high IV.

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