Ampressive action scene of the TLOU series is filtered

A couple of days ago, a pair of filtered images were shared that gave us an idea of the attention to the detail that the series of _ The Last of US _. Now, it has recently been shared a video that gives us a better look at one of the most iconic action scenes of the first game.

The video, which was shared by an unofficial account responsible for providing new information about this production, shows us Joel and Ellie in a car as they escape from a group of people who try to kill them . In this way, the advance puts us face to face with the original work of Naughty Dog and the adaptation of HBO.

The Last of Us Creator TEASES 1 Episode Of The NEW HBO Show!

Although we are seeing a filtered video, so they do not appear Pedro Pascal or Bella Ramsey, this is a good recreation . Since Joel and Ellie come across a person who “needs help”, going through an attempt to escape, to the armed conflict in an abandoned store. Everything looks very, but very well

We remind you that The The Last of US series will reach HBO at some point of 2023 . On related topics, here you can see more filtrations of the series. In the same way, Joel and Ellie will be seen in this production.

Editor’s note:

The series of The Last of US is still surprising with how faithful it will be to the game. While we already know that this production will have new elements, everything that is inspired by the classic of Naughty Dog will be treated with all the respect of deserves.

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