Activision Blizzard: Department Manager for variety, equal opportunities and inclusion

It is (finally) what is attributed to the sector Giant Activision Blizzard. Kristen Hines takes over the department management for variety, equal opportunities & inclusion.

“Kristen Hines has been our department head for diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion since April 2022. In this feature, it implies programs and guidelines that promote a varied, just and integrative work environment and works with all gaming teams to work together to a variety of and integrative perspectives To ensure, including Character Development, Gameplay and Community Interaction, “the Group communicates with its website.

Kristen Hines Appointed as Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer at Activision Blizzard

Before Hines came to Activision Blizzard, she was in a similar function at the company consultancy Accenture was hired and, according to its new employer, has assisted and strengthening companies to establish their own role, equal opportunities and inclusion strategies and skills. “

According to the sector Newsdienst, Hines should play an important role in increasing the number of women and non-binary people within the company. Hine himself says she is excited to start a company that attributes priority to these points and puts itself ambitious goals. Especially “in an industry with an almost historical underrepresentation” you are looking forward to your task, “at work for more transparency, equal opportunities and inclusion.”

She meets with Activision Blizzard on a company with a strongly struggled reputation: Last year alone, the company had to fight with lawsuits, urgently needed measures to improve corporate culture announced and various recruitments recorded. A good summary of the serious allegations and problems can also be found in our great message from the past July.

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