Diablo 2 Resurreed: an update 2.4 and 5 million players later.

While the BlizzCon 2020 is prepared behind the scenes, Blizzard Entertainment lets us know that Diablo II Resurreed has just been updated, the 2.4, already available and which will bring a lot of changes in the balancing of the Game, especially at the class level, which will change the game paradigm. Blizzard specifies that the latest balancing update of the Diablo II classes goes back to version 1.13c, released on March 23, 2010. An eternity! The list of changes, novelties and other fixes is listed on the official website and there are several tens of seconds of Scrolling. Otherwise, Blizzard lets us know that Diablo 2 Resurreed has more than 5 million players today, which is a very good performance.

Game Comfort Updates

\ – Support for non-ASCII characters
\ – Adding a system message to players who are trying to start the game from an obsolete version
\ – adding a system of “day message” in the main menu to allow us to share important updates with players
\ – New feature: emulation of LEGACY graphics
There is now an option in the graphical settings menu, in the “Legacy” section, which allows you to choose between three emulation possibilities of LEGACY graphics. These options are “GDI”, “Glide” and “Resurrected”.
\ – “GDI” emulates the software screen of the original game and does not apply any filtering;
\ – “Glide” emulates accelerated back-end of the original game with bilinear filtering;
\ – “ResurreeD” uses glide emulation embellished with additional corrections to resolve a display problem that occurred with the original glide rendering.
\ – Reviews of Developers: We believe that “resurreed” is the reference emulation mode that players and players should use, but we noticed during the RPT that some preferred the launch Legacy graphic style, which did not include any filtering. and looked more like the original game board. We hope that these emulation modes will allow everyone to choose LEGACY graphics according to his preferences.

– Improved the reliability of familiar, invocations and mercenaries by teleporting them to the player instead of disappearing

\ – update of the bond and attack jump to give them a more fluid trajectory and allow the barbarian to stay on the screen permanently, while reducing the jerks to the landing

Selection of characters
\ – newly created characters now find themselves at the top of the selection list

– by holding a mouse button to target an enemy with a skill, it will continue to run after the death of the enemy in question
\ – The Minicarte now opens automatically to the death of the character, if it was already open before dying
– Maximum amount of arrows and traits range to 500
\ – increase of the amount of jet weapons of 50%
Blocking no longer interrupts the player when he performs a skill or an attack. If a player-player triggers a blockage at that time, the damage will cancel themselves, but the animation will not start
– Modification of how the attack speed is determined in case of combat at two weapons. The change of hand should no longer change the speed of attack so significantly
– Recovery after a shot from your character will now have a decreasing return when he is struck by another player
– The behavior of fast skills has been modified so that rapid skills associated with the left click work in the same way as those associated with the right click

\ – Developer Comments: We want to correct some incongruous locks that prevent the player from launching spells. In JCJ, we added a way to reduce the sequence of recovery afterwards to avoid very rare cases where players were blocked for too long.

– The Mercenary IU will now specify if a mercenary can not use a skill because of its level too low.

Online game
Adding a system message to players who are trying to create a private channel with a name whose length exceeds the character limit
\ – Adding a command in play / offline to define your presence as “offline”
\ – Added an option for players to control access to private parts on console
\ – Add a key to display / hide the password of the part
\ – Players can now buy keys and pre-filled volumes with a joystick

\ – Optimization of particle effects on certain consoles
\ – Added a quality option of visual effects on PC
– Optimization of fast storage actions to reduce the deadline

These will be THE 5 MOST POPULAR Builds in Patch 2.4 - Diablo 2 Resurrected
– The settings of the staggering of the offline parts now persist between the game sessions
\ – adding an option to limit or not the confinement of the cursor at the limits of the game screen
\ – Added a log bar from the VRAM in the settings menu

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