Sony updates PS policies more after an automatic renewal survey

Sony has agreed to update its policies regarding the current PlayStation Plus service to better assist active members to cancel their subscription if they do not actively use it. This is the result of a Survey of the UK Competition Authority and Markets on Automatic Renewal Processes, Nintendo also agreeing to change the way its Nintendo Online service is managed.

New Laws and Requirements for Automatic Renewal Programs: What Businesses Need to Know in 2022

From now on, the PlayStation 5, PS4 manufacturer will recall on long-time members how to cancel a PS subscription more if they have not used it for some time. If the service is still not used and the user did not cancel it later, Sony will stop accepting payments. Presumably, the use of the service is followed by online multiplayer sessions and the exchange of more monthly PS games . This means that the three hardware manufacturers have now been affected by the survey, Microsoft agreeing to modify its Game Pass service in accordance with suggestions.

In a statement, the executive director of the application of the CMA, Michael Grenfell, said: “As a result of our investigations, a number of changes have been made in this sector to protect customers and help solve problems automatic renewal of subscriptions. Today’s announcement therefore ends our online video game surveys. Businesses in other sectors that offer automatic renewal subscriptions should review their practices to ensure that they meet the Consumer Protection Act.

Of course, these policy changes will also apply to new PS Plus subscription levels introduced in June. The PS service more than we know today will be renamed PS more essential with two more expensive options introducing a large catalog of PS5, PS4 and PS3 streaming titles.

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