LOL: Who is Reeker, the possible relay of Hatrixx at the Koi Midlane?

It seems that Koi’s last signing for his League of Legends team is falling. After the unconfirmed arrivals of the German trainer Danusch “ Arvindir ” Fischer and the Finnish Toplaner Matti “ Whiteknight ” Sormunen, the circle would be closed with the more than possible Steven Saver “ Reezer “Chen.

Today, Koi’s interest in the player was revealed so much, which was already rumored during the last hours, as well as that of several more teams. In this way, it is confirmed what has already filtered the jungle of the Luis “ Koldo ” jungle through a screenshot of the discord of it: that Jorgen “ Hatrixx ” ELGAEN will not continue like Club Midlaner of Ibai and Piqué. But the question that many fans of the team are doing is “Who is Reeker?”

a lot of experience for his 20 years

Reezer has competed since the professional debut of him in the summer of 2018, and with the exception of his last season in Lec, in the German Scene of League of Legends. He militated in low-party teams or even the Second National Division as Divizion U Op Innogy , until you get an opportunity at SK Prime , the subsidiary of the Team Lec, where it shared equipment with several players known as Jenax , Crownshot or Trymbi .

Despite the tenth place in the newly created Prime League German in spring of 2020, Berlin International Gaming (Big) Fixed in the talent of it. With that team, in which it was already Arvindir , he closed the year as seventh classified despite the presence of players like Bean , Advienne or Whiteknight . The club redoubled its bet on 2021 for Reeker, being the only player who remained in a template. He would join SLT and Season , among others, and with them conquered the spring season of the Prime League.

After reaching the quarterfinals of european masters and beared about mouz , the team takes the season again at the Prime League Summer, and reaches the semifinals of the European tournament, where * Karmine Corp * suffered the unspeakable to pass over them with a tight 2-3. During that year, Reezer exceeded the 5 KDA in all the competitions he played, as well as was key in the relative European success of Big.

Nemesis About MAD Reeker Situation [BENCHED]

LEC and the disappointment of the season

Reecer arrived at Mad Lions this past market as a relatively safe bet and on the line of what the team usually does: Give the opportunity to talent from the ERLs. However, the German was not up to height and was one of those responsible for the bad season of Javier’s team “ Elyoya ” Prades.

For quoting some statistical data, Reeker finished the spring season of the maximum European competition such as the Midlaner with less Kills per game and the second he died more times. He is also the player of said role that has caused a minute with 430 points, with the least Farmeo, and with the worst data in terms of vision of the ten Midlaners of the competition.

They are alarming data, but they do not eliminate the high performance of the player during his stage in Big, and that he can turn it into a large downward signing for a team like Koi. If we add that Reeker gave the best version of him with Arvíndir as a coach , the tents may have found a bargain for him.

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