On April 19, 2022, the Blizzard Responsible were known to finally officially WOW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic announced . With all the popular features like Northend, Death Knights, Inscriptions, Successes or the numerous dungeons and RAID instances. As in Burning Crusade Classic, it should also give this time again #somechanges . One of the announced changes made a lot of swirls in the last few days.

No Dungeonfinder for Wotlk Classic

According to Blizzard you want to give up in Wotlk Classic on the CrossRealm Dungeonfinder, which was introduced at the time with patch 3.3. The reason: In the Classic community, a spirit has built over the years, which focuses on socializing and coordinating the social organization and coordinating. The Dungeon Finder would torped this social together.

Instead, the developers want to further improve the manual group search implemented for TBC Classic. Furthermore, assistance should come so that new players find the right chat channels over which they come into contact with other players for group search.

The problems of the DungeonFinder

I am pretty sure that the Classic team was pretty sure in advance of the announcement that they are celebrated for this announcement within the Classic community. If in the last ten, twelve years over the end or the downfall of WOW (Buy Now) was written or talked (which was constantly occurring and still occurs), then the starting point was often the introduction of the Dungeonfinder at the end of Wotlk and the Extension called LFR mode in Cataclysm.

From this point, players had no longer had to talk to each other in groups of groups, which brought together social and more in the background. The world lost through the comfortable guaged imports in the instances of perceived size. And since the random groups should not be frustrated in the dungeons and raids, the degree of difficulty over time became more and more diluted.

The negative feedback on the net was correspondingly large as it indicated that it could already be in Burning Crusade Classic a dungeon finder with matchmaking system . This did not happen then, with Phase 2 only the original, manual group search from the TBC era was implemented. Certainly, however, this was a reason for Blizzard to put the topic Dungeonfinder for Wotlk Classic for discussion.

Blizzard is Wrong to Remove the Dungeon Finder in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic

If you serve a shitstorm instead of praise

In fact, there was after the announcement here and there praise for Blizzard. Some players find it great that the community must continue to take care of the group search via chat, discord, addons and the manual dungeon finder in northend. However, a lot of louder are the players who criticize this step.

For a first impression, it is already enough to get through the 375 comments under the corresponding message on WOWHEAD. Already page 1 offers from “rusty decision” about “The loud one percent ruin the game. Great work.” To “DAS is actually the worst thing you could do Wotlk. My interest that playing is just through Grilled the ground. “The full criticism palette, with allegations and consequences.

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