Fortnite, Chapter 3: Urgent Secret Operations Quests Phase 1, List and Full Guide

At the moment, the least we can say is that we are spoiled at the quests on Fortnite. In addition, in addition to the quests of the week and those to unlock the roast season skin, we have the right to a new series, the urgent secret operations.


How it works ?

The first thing one needs to be specified is that these quests only work in zero construction mode, so no sentence to fill them in conventional mode. Then these quests will appear one by one and it is by finishing the one that you unlock the next. Once you have accomplished all the quests of the 4 phases, you will win a pickaxe.

  • Establish a connection with a device in zero construction

Establish a Device Uplink & Eliminate Players in Zero Build - Fortnite Covert Ops Quests
For this first challenge, you have several locations that you will be able to go to establish a link. To help you find them easily, We told you all about the map that you can find below.

  • Eliminate players in Zero Construction

Once the first challenge is complete, you only have to validate the second that will not really ask you any problems. Indeed, You have three days to do the number of Kills requested and this should not be complicated for you.

Summary of our complete Guide to Fortnite Battle Royale – Chapter 3, Season 1


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