How to set an upward connection with the device in zero assembly mode: Fortnite Covert OPS

The recent update in Fortnite brought Covert OPS to the game, and players will have to perform these tasks in Zero Build mode. The quest is divided into several stages, and the timely completion of all stages will reward the players with a large number of experience, a secret Kirka .

To start the first stage of the quest “Secrets Operations”, players just need to establish communication with the device in one of several places on the map. Refer to the map below to get an idea of the exact location. After completing this, players will need to eliminate 10 players in zero assembly mode. The fulfillment of this quest will open the next phase of the quest and provide players 30,000 experience .

Establish a Device Uplink & Eliminate Players in Zero Build - Fortnite Covert Ops Quests

As in previous tests, Device Uplink, this requires that the player landed in any of the marked places on the map. When approaching the total area of the device will be highlighted on the map. Players just need to go through the device to start the quest.

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