LOL: Giants Gaming confirms Keduiis signing and prepares his assault on Superliga Summer Split

The League of Legends signings This time, Giants Gaming will be the first team of the Super League to move to sign for the summer split with a surprising but effective purchase. The Malaga club formalizes the arrival of Tim “ Keduii ” Willers, the German shooter from Berlin International Gaming ** that has fallen in love with the entire European community thanks to the great mechanical power and ease of it within the Summoner’s Rift.

For those who do not know, the European player is one of the best in his position outside the ERL, becoming dominant in his line and unstoppable when he puts herself ahead. His bad champions are Ezreal , with 68% of Winrate and a KDA of more than 4.5. However, this last season has been dementially good with Jinx , who has not lost a single game with her in 2022 and with Kda almost 6. throughout the 2021 he was hovering in the thoughts Of many LEC teams, even training with G2 Esports to try to enter for this year. However, little by little he extended the wait and stopped having space in the maximum European competition.

Keduii is not new in the Super League , since we could see it during the year 2020 with the BCN Squad shirt and giving pleasant surprises knowing the performance so low that the team gave in general. He now becomes quite changed and eager to give the bell of Super League with the giants after a disastrous spring season for them. This is just the beginning of a signing market that aims to be crazy if we compare them with last season, so be attentive to the web to find out the latest developments in the world of eSports.

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