Challenge over the boundaries of games and arts. Nexon Foundation, the first Borderless Performance: Play Plate held

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung -heon) announced on the 25th that the Nexon Foundation (Chairman Kim Jung -wook) will hold the main performance and Gala performance of the 1st Borderis Performance: Play on May 11 and May 12.

Borderis is a social contribution project of the Nexon Foundation aimed at supporting experimental art creation using game IP to spread the cultural content value of the game and to expand the base of art.

The first contest is held under the theme of ‘Meeting of Games and Traditional Arts’, and through the fierce first and second qualifiers such as documents and PT screening, ‘Hyundai Yeonhee Prototype21’, ‘Play Orchestra’, ‘Boss5’ ‘The three teams advanced to the final. In January, we conducted three team showcase performances at Namsan, Seoul, Seoul.

In the showcase of the 14th and the audience review of the art, the audience and the audience examination, the three teams showed a performance with various traditional art, including Washing Nexon’s representative IP. As a result of the field screening, the ‘Hyundai Yeonhee Prototype21’ team, which performed a traditional Yeonhee performance to commemorate the Maple Story’s representative monster ‘Slime’, won the final championship.

This performance and Gala performance in the past showcase, respectively, on May 11 and 12, 7:30 pm Sejong Cultural Hall M Sretor.

This performance on May 11 is a solo performance of ‘Modern Yeonhee Prototype21’, which is the final winning team ‘Modern Yeonhee Prototype21’, which has been reinterpreted and applied to Maple Story IP. Rider’s ‘Wind Country’ IP is combined with traditional art to perform a different stage.

The performance ticket booking is held at the official homepage of Sejong Cultural Center from 10 am to 10 am on April 25th. The Ticket price is 10,000 won, and the Nexon Foundation will be donated for the purpose of the ticket earnings from this performance.

Kim Jung -wook, chairman of the Nexon Foundation, said, “We expect to inspire many people through original traditional works of art that cross the border between games and art.” “We will contribute to illuminating cultural content value.”

Meanwhile, the Nexon Foundation celebrated the 25th anniversary of the domestic online game in 2019, and held a convergence exhibition that visualized the past, present, and future of online games, and held a game /Invite you_ ‘, and in 2020, experts in various fields We have made various efforts to promote the cultural value of the game, such as the release of the online discussion program ‘Borderis: Tikitaka Game’.

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