How to get Cinnamoroll backpack at Roblox My Hello Kitty Cafe

Sanrio X Roblox collaboration here! Manage your charming cafes and give customers a five -star experience that they will never forget, with the help of their favorite characters, including Hello Kitty, My Melody and others. In exchange for this hard work, you can even get a Sanrio Avatar item for free for free – a backpack with cinnamon! To find out how to get this item, continue to read our short guide below.

Obtaining a backpack Cinnamoroll

To get Cinnamoroll’s backpack, you need to serve 1000 clients in your cafe. This may seem like a crazy amount, and this is true, but we will help you start working with a brief step -by -step guide on how to serve customers. Firstly, you need to undergo intra-game training from Hello Kitty.

After you finish this lesson, you can start working in your cafe and serve customers. When you go up to date, you will notice that caring for customers’ needs is extremely repeated and simple. All you need to do is perform the following steps.

greet customers

Each time a new visitor approaches your cafe, you need to greet him, going up to him and pressing f . After that, customers will sit at one of your open tables. If you do not have free tables, you will have to wait to greet your customers until one of them is freed.

I accept orders

As soon as your customers sit down, they will need a few seconds to view the menu. When they decide what they want to eat, the menu icon with a green checkmark will appear above their head – this means that you can accept their order. To accept the order, go to the buyer with this icon above your head and click f . If you have an employee preparing drinks and food, the order will be automatically sent to him, and he will begin to cook it for you. If you do not have an employee, you need to prepare the order yourself.

Getting orders

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Having accepted the order, return to your culinary station and either prepare the necessary products yourself, or wait until your cook decomposes them for you. As soon as the subject is prepared, take it by pressing f and follow the pink lines on the floor to deliver it to the right client.


To get out after the client has gone, go to the dirty table and click F – this will automatically remove the dishes and remnants.


That’s all! As soon as you repeat the process more than 1000 times, you will receive Cinnamoroll backpack. This process will become easier as you increase the level and add the staff to your cafe, so do not be discouraged due to a large number. Let’s get down to work!

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