Horizon Forbidden West has a magnificent foresight and this video is the proof

It is now well known that Aloy’s latest Playstation Adventure Horizon Forbidden West is an absolute feast for the eyes. Developer Guerilla Games has succeeded in creating an as diverse and detailed game world that becomes even more interesting due to the mechanical engineering roaming around.

Nevertheless, since the release of the game, small videos and pictures have always found their way into the net that very impressively visualize how good the game actually looks. And this includes the short video of Reddit user ONLYAIDEN, in which he quickly climbed onto the highest mountain on the map.

Here you can see the video :

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great atmosphere, many details

It is not only noteworthy of the video the great atmosphere that arises from the fog around the valleys and the sun’s rays that break through the clouds, but above all the foresight. Even far away mountains and buildings can be spotted and how grandiose the foresight and render removal of the game is, especially one detail.

Because if you look closely, you can see in the distance 4 of the 6 -staunch long necks , i.e. the beings with which you can uncover another part of the card.

On the one hand, this shows how detailed Horizon Forbidden West can represent far away objects and do not go under and are also a nice foreshadowing for the long necks, which can be climbed later in the game – provided you climb on the mountain if you still not all discovered.

By the way, if you want to know where you can find the long necks, we have a guide for you here:

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Horizon Forbidden West is available for the PS5 and the PS4. Even before the game was released, pictures had appeared that had compared fans directly with photos of reality. The opinion of a user at the time: “God has to update his graphic”.

What is your favorite graphic detail in Horizon Forbidden West?

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