Nexon General, Kim Jung -jus founder spouse Yoo Jung -hyun

Nexon’s same person (total number) will be changed from Kim Jung -ju’s founder to NXC Yoo Jung -hyun. Yoo is the largest shareholder of NX, the founder of Kim and Nexon.

The Fair Trade Commission (hereinafter referred to as the FTC) announced a group of corporate companies to announce the main matters on the 27th. Among them, Nexon has been designated as a new same person as Nexon has changed.

The same person is a corporation or individual that actually dominates the company, and is responsible for the final responsibility for private interests, such as all the data submitted to the FTC and the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The FTC has been involved in Nexon’s founding and company management for the reason why Yoo Jung -hyun was designated as Nexon’s same person, and considered the only investor and the largest shareholder of the holding company.

Nexon’s governance structure is connected in the order of NXC-> Nexon Japanese Corporation-> Nexon Korea-> affiliates. NXC, the top -ranked dominant company, owns 47.15% of Nexon’s stake in Nexon, and Nexon’s Japanese subsidiary owns 100% of Nexon Korea, and Nexon Korea dominates subsidiaries such as Neople and Nexon Games.

In addition, the stake in NX has 67.5%of the founder of the late Kim Jong -ju, and the newly designated Yoo Jung -hyun audit is 29.4%and the two children have 0.68%. Kim’s founder is the largest investor of NX. NX is Nexon’s top -ranking company, and now NX’s largest shareholder is Yoo Jung -hyun’s thanksgiving.

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However, Yoo Jung -hyun’s audit has never been directly in management, and NX, Nexon’s Japanese subsidiaries, and Nexon Korea have established a professional management system. NX is Lee Jae -kyo, Nexon’s Japanese subsidiary Owen Maoni, and Nexon Korea is Lee Jung -heon. In addition, Kim Jong -ju’s founder has also focused on business outside the game. Therefore, even after the same change, Yu Audit is unlikely to participate in management.

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