How to emotate in Stardew Valley

The show is a new function in stardew Valley introduces into update 1.4 . This gives other players around you a better idea of what your character and the actions you want to describe during the game.

You don’t have to do too much to access the menu. For the moment, all that PC players have to do is press the Y button to display it. There are eight emotions available:

  • Yes
  • Thrilled
  • Pause
  • Sad
  • Nope
  • Angry
  • Question
  • Heart

All appear in the form of images, and when you fly over this image, you get a little more details on what your character will do in the game. The animations provide a small amount of new character to display for your stardew Valley Farmer.

How To Mod Stardew Valley in 2022

If you want to modify the shortcut button that you want to use to display the Emote menu, click on the ESCUP button and access the small controller icon, which corresponds to the penultimate icon located on the right. You must scroll down the screen, but you want to arrive at the “Emote Menu: Y” option. Click on the Define button. You can use any button on your keyboard to display the Emote radial card.

These are the eight options available at the moment. It is unclear if stardew Valley will have more in the future.

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