It has been a hot minute since we last saw Nicolaj ‘Jensen’ Jensen in action. The veteran of the League Championship Series did not make it to a League of Legends squad in time for the Spring Split 2022 after he was dropped by Team Liquid in December, although it looks like the midlaner soon returned to the professional.

Accordingly, sources near the league insider Alejandro ‘Anonimotum’ Gomis, Jensen will return to Cloud9-the organization where he spent three and a half years when he came to North America for the first time. The news follows an earlier report by Brieuc ‘Lec Wooloo’ Seeger from Upcomer that Ibrahim ‘Fudge’ Allami will be put back on the top lane for the summer.

During his first stint at Cloud9, Jensen took part in Worlds four times and was represented in various LCS All-Pro teams during his tenure. However, he would not achieve domestic successes until he switched to Team Liquid at the end of 2018. In his first season as a team liquid player, Jensen won LCS title in a row and was appointed MVP at the LCS summer 2019 Split Playoffs final.

As one of the most experienced players in the region with residence in NA, many were surprised when the Dane competed in 2022 without a team. Since LEC Wooloo also reports that Kim wants to move away from Cloud9 “Winsome” Dong-Keon-who himself has a residence in NA, Jensen will enable the team to look for new support internationally.

The Story of Jensen: From Permabanned to Pro (LoL)

Since Jensen may now come back with Robert “Blaber” Huang, two of the five Cloud9 players who have reached this historical semi-finals for NA at the World 2018 will try to drive the team to the most important tournament of the year when the LCS has returned Summer Split on June 18.

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