Bagsnax: How to go through a quest chain of triffani

Some side quests in Bugsnax will be found more often than others, as in the case of Triffany quest line. The quest will lead you along the island of snakes to look at some old statues and find her missing grandmother. Of course, you will also need to catch Bagsnax.

How to complete Triffany makes a story

All three Triffany quests are light, as it helps you in each of them. The most difficult thing is to catch the Bagsnax, which she wants in the first two quests. In “This relief” you will need to scan the old statue and capture pink . To do this, just use the snake to tear the jar and then capture it.

In the second, the “dead man”, you just need to scan the chest with treasures at the place of shipwreck, and then capture paletos . Near the ship you will find Paletos Grand. Just lead him to the lava so that he explodes and turns into a paletos. After they share, you can simply grab both of them.

Bugsnax Side Quest 100% Walkthrough - Tiffany

The last two parts of her quest line will require you to simply follow Triffany to the top of the frosty peak, and then observe the conversation between her and flufti.

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