Fallout 76 brings aliens to replace the broken event

MEAT WEEK ABDUCTED BY ALIENS!! Fallout 76 Meat Week canceled and replaced Invaders from Beyond event
Fallout 76 It is assumed that players should look for prime cuts and obtain some abundant rewards at this time during a two -week Meat Week event, but that is not the case here after this event ended up being arrested. Bethesda announced this weekend that Meat Week had been replaced by the Invaders From Beyond event with the aliens that will take place from now on May 10. It has not yet been said when or if the meat week will be brought back to compensate for its elimination.

The announcement about the replacement event was shared on social networks this week to confirm that Meat Week was gone and that Invaders from Beyond would return for a limited time. This means that players will begin to see aliens and extraterrestrial ships in fallout 76 from now to May 10 with rewards that will be obtained by participating in this event.

There was not much context with this tweet, at least not beyond the Fallout account that said that Meat Week’s main characters were being “stingy” with their rewards. If you go to the fallout 76 discussions However, within the Subnet of the game and elsewhere, you will see that the players have been talking about the lost rewards since the Meat Week event was supposed to be underway.

Bethesda responded more than once to these types of publications and acknowledged that the rewards were not being distributed correctly. The players said they could not find the SuperMutante Grahm to collect their rewards, and others said that the first exclusive cuts of the event were not falling from the timed events as they should. After saying that he would investigate the problem to see if he could solve, Bethesda finally chose to change this event completely.

In addition to the rewards that players can obtain from events like this, one of the attractions of this type of occasional events are the plans that will be acquired for different Camp items. The players are losing them now, since many had plans to write them down here after the flesh week lost the last time it was present, but the alien event itself at least has some of their own plans to acquire.

It is not known at this time when or if Meat Week will return in the future after this mishap, but you can consult the most recent event calendar here to see what comes next.

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