New microtransaction plans from Battlefield 2042 are filtered online

PLANS FOR THE BATTLE CAMP 2042_ MICROTRANSACTIONS may have been discovered by data miners. _ Battle Management 2042_ It has been an incredibly controversial title since its launch. Only a few weeks before its launch, the game received a delay of one month that was later followed by a messy beta version, which made some fans stop. Some expected the beta version to be an obsolete version and not to reflect what the final game would be like. Unfortunately, the final game was equally bad, if not worse in some areas. _ Battle -how 2042_ It was criticized both for critics and fans, which resulted in one of the most chaotic releases in the story of says, which is much to say. The game has received a series of patches in the last 5 months, improving several things, but it is still very rough. Unfortunately, it may be worse.

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Data mining and Twitter user temporary several things that suggest battlefield 2042_ could be obtaining microtransactions. These files were found in the last game patch and mention packages, cosmetic items, XP and more increases. While they may be nothing more than menus for elements that are already in the game, there is a more definitive discovery. The data miner also found new coins in the game and different packages, which suggests that players can soon buy money in the game. Of course, this could be a discarded idea and only remained in the game files, but EA is known for including microtransactions in many of its games. In 2021, an appearance of Santa Claus was leaked for the battlefield 2042_ caused a lot of controversy since many thought he said focused on launching cosmetic items instead of fixing the game. It was later clarified that the mask was made months in advance and would not be released to the public.

With _ battlefield 2042_ As reported, Xbox Game Pass will arrive soon, it would not be surprising if the editor promotes microtransactions to people who did not buy a copy of the game. So far, nothing has been confirmed, but if the game will soon get to Game Pass, it is possible that it does not spend much time before we listen more. At this time, he says he is still pouring a uphill battle with a battlefield 2042_ so this can make some fans feel annoying.

What do you think about the possibility of microtransactions? _ Battle how 2042_? Let me know in the comments or contact me on Twitter @cade_onder.

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