What is the truth of the special feature of the “Game Culture” … The truth of the special feature of “Game Culture” challenged by the Anan editorial department

Anan ” is a weekly lifestyle women’s magazine published by the Magazine House. The magazine, which has been 52 years since its launch in 1970, has fashion, makeup and diet for women, as well as movies, fortune -telling, life, and love, and the content to be handled is sharp. The magazine’s 2285, released on February 2, 2022, featured a game feature entitled “ culture, game information. “.

Ryosuke Yamada, a fashionable dress full of gaming, on the cover and the opening gravure, introduces game commentators such as Kuzuha and Mokoko, and interviews and gravure by Hideo Kojima. The same issue actually appeared in the GAME*Spark editorial department, even the editor who decided to buy Anan for the first time.

So, as the last seat of a specialized media, the content that was confirmed by the GAME*Spark editorial department was not only a wide range of games, such as “Atsumare Animal Crossing”, but also covering E -sports and gaming goods. He was seriously facing the culture, and there is no other way to make game industry people groan.

However, what was the driving force behind such a special feature that suddenly came out of an existing game culture, an existing game culture, and an existing game media? So, this time, GAME*Spark interviewed the editorial department of “Anan”. We talked to Mr. Nakayama, who was in charge of the game special feature, and Mr. Asako Kitawaki, the editor -in -chief.

  • This interview was held online in March 2022.

Mission is “Movement

―― Suddenly, I was very rude, and as a game media, I started reading with the feeling of “looking at the same way”, but by the time I finished reading, I was impressed by the wonderful projects. Immediately, please tell me how the first game special feature as “Anan” started as a plan.

Asako Kitawaki (hereinafter Kitawaki) As you said in a good way, “Anan” is probably a magazine that everyone has heard in Japan, but by others. I think it’s a magazine with a different impression from the name.

“Anan” is published a year, but there is no scandal and it is always a special feature.

Including entertainment, seasonal stars, health, lifestyles, fashion, beauty, etc., it features what everyone is interested in at that time, and as a movement in the world, it is embodied and revealed. I think I have.

Among them, “games” are very deep as a culture that other specialized magazines have been working on. I was worried about whether to do that deep thing as a special theme.

To those who have been touching the core part all the time, you may not know anything, but tell those who may know very much, “This is what! This is interesting!” We are aiming to use the depth and potential of one culture in a special feature in women’s magazines, including reach.

“Game” is a deep and wide area. So, I can’t say it well, but even if it’s really a very good theme, it’s safer to “do not get out of hand” at first glance (laughs).

We are a magazine that has a very core thing, so we understand the core that seems to be “I don’t know anything” when a person in the field comes and talks. That’s why I was very worried about whether to do a game special. However, I thought that some of the editorial departments, including Nakayama, who really liked games, could overcome the power of the trout and the energy of the editorial members. As with SNS, I think the boom is the timing when the movement (for the game) has been heard. Among them, the fact that the editorial department was hot was “Let’s try it”.

One of the major factors is that Ryosuke Yamada, a star, has decorated the cover as a connection between the game and the general public.

– Did Mr. Nakayama originally like the game?

Mr. Nakayama (hereinafter, Nakayama) I’m not a great core gamer, but I’ve been touching the game constantly since I was a child. My family loved games and played together, and there were always games in a familiar place. Until now, I have created a plan for Atsu Forest with “Anan”, and this time I was able to issue a whole book.

――When there, were there any other editorial staff’s desire to feature a game at this timing?

Nakayama That’s right. Among the editorial staff, some people enjoy watching the game commentary, and recently, I think that even those who do not play games are increasingly touching the culture surrounding games.

Kitawaki “Anan” is also a magazine that triggers that put things out of the world through special articles. He features a game as a mission that connects the culture and the media.

The game is a deep world that can be completed by itself. I thought that it would be time to draw out the world of games that can only be seen only one corner of the iceberg, even if you know the game as a media and those who know it.

Above all, the introduction of them, including how to deal with the world of game commenters and how they launch them, is a symbol of the present era, and it has been interestingly established in the form of “anan”. I’m thinking.

– The contents of the project were all interesting, but I was impressed by the catch phrase, “Super entertainment, art, communication tool!” Who was this?

Kitawaki: I decided while worrying while interacting with the catch phrase with two people.

――In the earlier, it means that you can only see the world of games that can only be seen in the iceberg.

Kitawaki I was quite worried. I thought about saying it more strongly, but I settled on this balance.

――Wh while creating paper media, whether the information to be posted is placed in a logic or an emotional thing as an editorial department, it is moving with emotional things such as “I will definitely recommend this here”. Please tell me the part.

Nakayama: Of course, while cherishing your own and staff’s thoughts, “I want to push this!” I made it while thinking. In “Anan”, how to make the visual side is also an important point, so I’m always worried about how people who want to take up and the appeal of information are visually expressed and conveyed.

Selection of people with a shaft that does not blur

– There are various projects, such as those featuring the main game and the story of a streamer, but how did you decide on those balance distribution?

Nakayama: One of the good things about Anan is to deliver an interview with a wonderful photo of all genres with wonderful photos, so now it is as influential and popular as a talent. I picked up a streamer and wanted to convey the fun of the game and the charm of the work itself through their stories.

One of the decisive factors in this direction was that when I appeared by Kiyo and the phobia of the advanced phobia, I realized that there were many fans in each. 。 The streamer who appeared was very helpful in the interview, and the story told me that I like games from the bottom of my heart. I also talked about various episodes of adolescent, and I think it was a dark interview that could understand the feelings of the time.

Kiyo ・ ・ ・ A game commentator who has been active since 2009. As of March 2022, the number of registered YouTube channel has exceeded 3.6 million.

Academic phobia ・ ・ ・ A game commentator belonging to UUUM. Posts centered on FPS and “AMONG US” are popular.

――How did you decide the Vtuber and Streemers to be featured?

Nakayama: I heard from a detailed editor and a game lover writer, and took a questionnaire in the editorial department, and decided to decide what kind of live commentators were popular.

Kitawaki: I think all the stars and content are the same, but both those who have a face or those who are active in character or vtuber are the same when they are supported by people and gain popularity. I think it’s a borderless.

However, since it is a magazine of gravure main, Nakayama and another person in charge thought about how people who have established themselves in the world they have created. But I think the eyes were probably the same (regardless of the appearance or absence of the appearance).

――While Kitawaki, did you feel like “What is that?” Regarding the selection?

The criteria of Kitawawaki Flory or how to convey it has an implicit axis, so the concrete parts were left to the person in charge.

――Bul in the editorial staff who has a high antenna, it is a form that combines the current trend with “anan”.

Kitawaki: I think this special feature was because there was Nakayama and another detailed editor.

――What about the game title you are looking for? From the core title to the major ones, I have the impression that the title is balanced, but was this also chosen by Nakayama and another editor?

Nakayama That’s right. The interviewer also gave the title and scrutinized whether it could be recommended for readers of “Anan”.

I was always worried about where to match the standards (core titles and major titles). This is the first game special feature, so I didn’t know how much the reader was playing, so I was groping around.

(The editor -in -chief of Kitawawaki left for time here)

– In the project, Creators, who are particularly well known among gamers, such as Hideo Kojima, Shinji Mikami and Jun Takeuchi of Biohazard. Please tell me the reason for this selection.

Director Nakayama Kojima had previously reported on an interview page of “Anan”, but I wanted to see more deeply about the director’s own games and culture, and also took a gravure. I wanted to lower it, so this time I posted it on page 8 of the center.

Director Kojima is a member of the game, and on SNS, I think she has been transmitted information on all culture, such as movies, novels, and music, and is well known regardless of game lovers. The director around me is also very popular, and the photographer and interior stylist who were involved in the director’s shooting this time are also the director. It seems that everyone has imagined the director’s work world, and has created a visual that can be said to be unique to “Anan”.

――― Just before the interview article by Mr. Tanaka, there was a page of Kojima’s director, which was the best.

田中泯さん ・・・世界的な評価を得るダンサー・舞踊家。

中山 意図したわけではないんですが(笑)


中山 ありがとうございます。


――三上さんがカプコンを退社してから、現職のカプコン社員とここまで『バイオハザード』についてメディアで話す機会はあまりなかったのではないかなと。ちょうど三上さんの新作『Ghostwire: Tokyo』も発売されるということで、情報の鮮度もすごかったです。

中山 そうなんですか。三上さんと竹内さんはとても楽しそうに話していらっしゃって、仲の良さそうな印象を受けました。確かに、あまりメディアの中ではお話されていなかったかもしれませんね。


スイニャンさん ・・・eスポーツ分野で通訳・翻訳などを担当。WEBメディアで取材・執筆活動などで活躍している。

中山 これも企画を担当した編集者と、担当ライターさんとで色々リサーチをして決定しました。eスポーツについても何かしら触れたいと思いつつ、読者にとって敷居を高く感じさせないよう、まず第一歩として、見方をわかりやすく伝えてくれるキャッチーな方として、スイニャンさんにご登場いただきました。



中山 お陰様でご好評頂きました。初めて「anan」を買った、という方も多く、Twitterなどを見ていると、またひとつ、読者層を広げられたかな、という思いがあります。特にストリーマーのファンの方々が、「推しが全国紙に出る!」という感じで盛り上がって頂いているのが伝わってきましたね。


中山 曖昧な言い方ですが、売り上げ的にかなりよかったです。「またゲーム特集できる!」というくらいに。

――今回の特集のエッセンスは山田涼介さんの表紙にも集約されていますよね。 「anan」らしさが溢れているのと同時に、ゲーマーとしての存在感が増しているタイミングでの起用は見事だと思いました。インタビューや撮影はどのような雰囲気で進んだのでしょうか?

中山 とても楽しそうに撮影に参加していただいて。山田さんはすごいゲーマーでいらっしゃるので「anan」でこういった特集をすることに対してどう思われるのか、ドキドキしていたのですが、撮影のコンセプトにもノッてくださったので、とても嬉しかったです。


Why People Are Worried About Janet and Kate

中山 インディーゲームをもっと知りたいという気持ちがあります。私自身、インディーゲームをプレイするようになったのはここ2年くらいですが、素朴なビジュアルの中に胸に迫る深いストーリーが潜んでいたり、ニッチなテーマを掘り下げていたりと、メジャーな大作とはまた違った様々な方向へ進化していて、可能性が大きく広がっている分野だなと思っています。



Unpacking ・・・オーストラリアのインディースタジオWitch Beamによって開発された、「引越し先で箱から荷物を取り出す」ことをゲームに落とし込んだパズルゲーム。

中山 『UNDERTALE』や『A Short Hike』『Cuphead』『A YEAR OF SPRINGS』など、いくつか遊びました。


中山 最初はニンテンドースイッチで遊んでいましたが、途中でゲーミングノートPCを買ったので、今ではPCでも遊んでいます。


Nakayama That’s right. PCでゲームしたことがなかったので、特集をやると決まってから、やはりそのあたりもわかっておきたいというのがあったので。


中山 ゲーム音楽は、プレイしている時間ずっと耳にしているものなので、そのゲームを遊んだ時の記憶と強く結びつくものです。カルチャーとしてのゲームを取り上げる際には、その中の重要な要素として音楽は外せないと思っています。


中山 三上さんのTango Gameworksの新作『Ghostwire: Tokyo』です。異界化した渋谷の街を探索するのがとにかく楽しくて。和風オカルトな異形たちの造形も素晴らしいし、手から力を放つアクションも爽快感があって、クセになりました。


中山 小さいころからずっとプレイしてきたのが『ゼルダの伝説』シリーズなんですよね。小学生のころ、スーパーファミコンの『神々のトライフォース』を、母親と一緒に熱中してプレイした思い出があります。攻略本もボロボロになるまで読み込んで。シリーズの中では特に『時のオカリナ』に思い入れが強いです。ゲーム音楽もやっぱり『時のオカリナ』のオカリナで奏でる曲が一番心に残っているかもしれません。




中山 今回触れられなかったテーマ、例えばスマホのゲームやVRゲームについても取り上げていきたいと考えています。おそらく読者の方には、スマホのゲームで遊んでいらっしゃる方も多いと思いますし、隙間時間でも触れられる身近なものだと思うので。

VRゲームは、「PlayStation VR」の発売時に衝撃を受けて以来、その進化に注目しています。SF映画に入り込んだような感覚が味わえる新鮮な体験ももちろん魅力なのですが、以前コロナ禍前に何度か友達を家に呼んで一緒に遊んだ時に、みんな大興奮でめちゃくちゃ盛り上がったのが印象的で。人とゲームをすることの楽しさを久しぶりに思い出させてくれました。


「ゲーム」の広がりに関しては、実況の盛り上がりや 『あつまれ彼のどうぶつの森』などが、これまでゲームをコンスタントに触ってこなかった人が、ゲームに触れる、ゲームとの距離感を縮める大きなきっかけだI felt that.


ここまでお送りした本インタビュー。 「anan」という枠組みの中で、丁寧にわかりやすく、立体的に「ゲーム」を掘り下げ、編集部のゲームに対する熱い想いを乗せて一つの本として作り上げたその完成度の高さに納得がいく内容was.次回の特集にも期待するとともに、弊メディアも専門誌として、より高みを目指し身を引き締めていきます。

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