Where to find rotten breathing in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, players will meet various dragon spells that can easily change the course of any battle. Niverse breathing is one of them, and it turns the caster into a dragon, which erupts the breath of scarlet rot. Damage from scarlet rot is one of the most deadly in Elden Ring, which makes this dragon spell mandatory for all players.

Где находится Собор Драконьего Причастия в Элден Ринге?


Niverse breathing is in Cathedral of the participle of the dragon . This area is located on the south side of G. Calid , and the players can find it by going south from the Lachuga Gauri or Kalids travel points. To get rotten breathing, players will need 1 heart of the dragon. Follow the image of the card above to quickly find the Dragon Communion Cathedral.

The Dragon rotten spell is FP 36 and uses only one memory slot. Players will have to have Vera in 15 , mystical in 12, and intelligence in 0 to comply with the requirements of the attribute for owning this spell.

Eccueza breakdown is an improved version of the spell, rotten breathing, and it can be obtained by destroying the rotting existing existing. This optional boss is west of the Dragon Communion Cathedral, and we recommend that the players try out the existing dragon extension spell, since it erupts the alley rot from above.

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