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The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S each have an extensive game catalog, which is supported by a downward -compatible title library, but both fade from the Alexandrian depths of the PC. Most of the time, it hardly seems to play a role – the big games come out on consoles (usually in a light playable condition) and everyone is happy. Sometimes, especially when it comes to free-to-play games, it is difficult not to look at the grass of the PC players and ask themselves how they got so green.

That is why we have put together a list Best free-to-play games on the PC that we are looking for for PS5 and Xbox Series X | s -a move that pulls the hat out of respect for the commendable racing successes of the venerable PC And at the same time, a carrot dangles in front of the best racehorse of the PC (in this case the racehorse developer of free-to-play games) in A try to make them too thick to contest the next race.

Does this metaphor mean that consoles ruin free-to-play games with this sweet, sweet carrot? In this case, is the carrot the healthy splendor of the console whale to buy microtransactions? Has this introduction completely lost the action? Let’s continue with the list.

The best free-to-play games on the PC that we are looking for for PS5 and Xbox Series x | s are:

  • Appreciation
    Lost ark *
    furry anger
    Team Fortress 2 *
    Magic: The assembly arena
    The new Gwent game *
    Team fight tactics

Star Wars The Old Republic *
League of Legends
Dota 2
Unsumed *
Maplestory *


Valorant, the competitive 5-against-5 character shooter by Riot Games, seems to be perfect for consoles, and yet the game still evades our scabbing, controller-containing gloves. While Riot was quite shy in the past with the idea of a valorant console version, the time between the first publication of the game in 2020 and today did not move much.

Nevertheless, the hopes of console players remain high, since various competing e-sports shooters such as overwatch 2 and Apex Legends continue to update their console counterparts alongside their banner-applying PC editions. Perhaps one day the same will also apply to Valorant.

lost ark

If there was a genre that the PC could easily show off the PS5 and Xbox Series X | s, it would be the MMORPG. The only reason why you will not find World of Warcraft on this list is that it still costs money to play it – although you better believe that it would be available immediately, it should ever be played for free.

In the meantime, while console players can still get along with games like Final Fantasy XIV, the current hotness in the MMORPG room is the more action-oriented LOST ARK. The Mmoarpg published in the west of Amazon Games (they thought it would be a sip before someone added the abbreviation “Action”) became a sensation overnight in 2021 and, thanks to his free-to-play model, started quickly, in to penetrate the crown of WoW.

What is that, you ask? What is the setting of the game about? Come on, it doesn’t matter – it is an MMO (a) RPG! Think less about stories, think of more endless grinds for prey, and you have all the answers you ever needed.


It is difficult not to feel offended when the figurehead of the free-to-play mmos, runescape, finally decides for a platform after 20 years that can migrate from the personal computing area, and instead of finally To recognize the passionate requests of the console, it succumbed to the tempting attraction of the mobile.

Runescape is the first love of every MMORPG player-even Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek enjoyed a journey into the past when he took up the game again. Are you now imagining how many future Shrouds are out there and miss your chance of finding disappointments in your surprisingly limited Runescape inventories?

How many future adults will the experience of going to go to the wilderness, being beaten by a full-time-grown to death, losing the majority of their inventory and never registering again? It is heartbreaking.

furry anger

To be fair, the independently developed Furry Fury is the group of the group compared to the rest of this list. After the game had spent almost three years with Steam Early Access, it was officially published on PC, Android and iOS in April 2022. This is by no means as much time as these other entries to create a console sport, so they consider this more as an invitation than a call.

Furry Fury is a 1-on-1 or 2-against-2 online fighting arena game, in which players beat monsters like jagged billiard balls over a board. The goal is to push your opponents into dangers and objects until their monsters take enough damage and die. The game offers a single player challenge mode, a delightful selection of different creatures with unique skills and a remarkably simple control scheme that would be perfect on consoles. Just let us cross our gnarled snooker monster claws and hope that sooner or later this will make the leap on the console.

Team Fortress 2

Before some older readers start sending us very strictly written telegrams – yes, we know that Team Fortress 2 has once been released on consoles. The notorious Hut simulator from Valve, which was released in 2007 together with portal and Half-Life 2: Episode Two in the Orange Box for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, once had a tower with console players.

The most shocking may be that when writing this entry it was found that you can still play the PS3 version! The game was no longer updated on Sony’s two generations in 2008, but the servers remained active at the time of writing, and there still seems to be a little contingent of players who come again and again.

To be honest, it is more interesting at this point if Valve simply leaves this version al1. Since consoles have never received a free-to-play version of the game, it would still be nice if the venerable character shooter on the PS5 and Xbox Series X | s would reappear. Obviously the players are still there!


Hearthstone, the free-to-play collection card from Blizzard, has not had the easiest trip in recent years. After the competitive Hearthstone player NG ‘Blitzchung’ Wai Chung had expressed his support for the then protests in his home country Hong Kong and Blizzard had pronounced an admittedly premature ban on the player, the eSport experienced an immediate decline in its viewer number 2020.

The number did not get better in 2021, where the point of viewers from almost 90,000 in 2020 decreased to less than 24,000 in 2021, according to eSports charts. The game itself is still plagued by problems, with players having been amazed on a single card lately costs $ 25. Let’s just say it was a bit difficult to earn public favor for the card game.

Nevertheless, a shot in the arm of a console start is exactly what the series needs. Apart from controversy, Hearthstone is still a popular and quite popular game and still gets updates from Blizzard every six months. With the outstanding takeover of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, we could even see that the game is added to the game pass list, which would certainly drive up the numbers overnight.

Magic: The meeting arena

Collective card games seem to have no problems giving up console support, a trend that is as mysterious as it is cruel. We can all understand why the Pok√©mon collecting card game passes console versions on-this is one of Nintendo’s children, it is not used to sharing toys. Magic: The Gathering Arena, but? A series that this venerable should now know that parts are caring.

MTG: Arena brings the classic competitive card game into this accessible, freely playable, Hearthstone-like format, which ensures that games feel biting and look striking. While there are stubborn rumors that the PS5 and Xbox Series X | s will get theirs one day in the sunny moment we just have to watch from the sidelines and dream of the day we can make our pit stop against Harry Potter Deck against Our D&D deck.

the new Gwent game

This is the last card game, promised. Or at least we think that it is a card game-the truth is that we don’t know enough about the upcoming independent Gwent project with the code name “Golden Nekker” in order to be able to say so much with confidence. The only thing we know is that console players are at least for the time being, it doesn’t get it and that is a shame.

Gwent, for those who do not know, was a surprisingly addictive and functional collective card game that was integrated as a side activity in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game later developed into an independent game, gwent: The Witcher card game das 2018 was published on both consoles and on the PC and is still running today-although it has no updates on consoles since 2020, probably because console players have made less than 3 % of its audience.

Maybe CD Project Red has the right not to bring us this new console game, but these are certainly different times. The Witcher from Netflix was a wild success, and although thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales was obviously not a great earner for the company, at least you cannot show the problem directly with your finger on consoles. Come on, let’s play a round!

team fight tactics

There is probably a reason why the PS5 and Xbox Series X | s don’t have many car battlers like Teamfight Tactics, and it probably has to do with buttons. When a console player finds out that when playing a game with a single key input, he can have as much fun as when playing a cinema adventure with a large budget that is so close to control options that he needs a clear instruction for the buttons on the screen You may be your now worthless high-end controller out of the window.

Teamfight Tactics contradicts what console players need the most – confirming that their expensive console was not an excessive solution for their wish to have a little fun in their lives. However, it must be pointed out that Team Fight Tactics is also available on the PC-can you imagine how a high-end PC player is on this topic? A keyboard has more buttons than the elevator in the Empire State Building, but do you have access to one of the most popular auto-battler? Come on, Riot Games, is reasonable.


If Eve on the constant existence depends on one thing, then on the stability of the PC. Consoles come and go and the transition from one generation of consoles to the next often…

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