LCK Academy Series, the first half of the league opening on the 30th

The LCK AS Academy League will open on the 30th.

The LCK AS Academy League is a tournament for prospects from the LCK team academy, and it was newly established this year for athletes who wish to debut.

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The first LCK AS Academy League includes 7 teams of T1 Rukis, Guangdong Prix Academy, DRX Academy, NS Red Force Academy, Live Sandbox Academy, Predad Brion Academy, and HLE Academy. In the Guangdong Prix Academy and DRX Academy, prospects who participated in the Tri -Out participated in the team’s academy and competed.

The tournament is a two -set double round robin that covers the four -final playoff team after the full league. Each team will participate in two sets a day in two games, winning one point when winning the set, and losing one point in the defeat. As a result of the full league, the top four teams will enter the playoffs and select the final team.

The tournament will be held every Saturday and Sunday from April 30 to May 21, and will be held from May 7, the 3rd day of the full league. The semi -final playoffs will be held on May 28 and the finals and the third and fourth place will be held on the 29th and will be held offline from the playoffs. The winning academy will be awarded 8 million won for the winning prize and 3 million won and 2 million won for the runner -up and third teams, respectively. It also provides personal economy data to help players improve their skills.

The LCK AS Academy League live broadcasts can be viewed on Naver, Twitch, and African TVs, and the news can be found on the official SNS of the Korea e -Sports Association.

Meanwhile, the ‘LCK Academy Series’ is a competition hosted by the LCK Corporation and organized by the Korea e -Sports Association, and is sponsored by Woori Bank. It has established itself as a stage to showcase skills.

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