F1 22 announces that Charles Leclerc will be his first ambassador

The leader of the F1 championship, Ferrari pilot, will therefore be the new gondola head of the F1 series. He will appear on the jacket of the game alongside Lando Norris for McLaren and George Russel for Mercedes.

Still scheduled for July 1, F1 22 will devote the cover of its champions edition to the previous four owners of the title: Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen. The latter will offer a certain amount of additional content, as well as three days of early access. A new trailer, which places the Grand Prix of Miami under the lights of the ramp, was made and put online for the occasion.

Leclerc SPEAKS OUT on His Relationship With Verstappen!


F1 22 – Miami International Autodrome

The next episode of codemaster simulation promises, among other things, the return of the career mode, an adaptive artificial intelligence for the different levels of players and the integration of a hub to expose the super Cars that you will have won.

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