Lost Judgment DLC test: Kaito files

Master Masaharu Kaito, brings back the loved one

Yagami left out of Kamurocho or even Tokyo for a few days, his acolyte ex-Yakuza Kaito with improbable shirts hangs out his sentence by trying to find drink partners, failing to crumble under business. Unless an unexpected and particularly well paid affair kind of his slump? An extremely rich and busy businessman comes to ask him to find his wife, with a reward a few million hot yen. Routine case, except that… The wife in question was Kaito’s former girlfriend, from the time when he was Yakuza, who left overnight buy cigarettes without ever returning. She would have come to Kamurocho recently when his wife is supposed to be dead two years ago… And the surprises are far from over for Kaito who has to go in pursuit of Mikiko in the streets of Kamurocho, confront her Past and make many links between this one and the affair that interests him. The icing on the cake, a teenager named Jun points the tip of his nose and sticks to him in the Basques, claiming to be their son… Let’s go good.

Work, trade, customer attraction

THE EX-YAKUZA - Lost Judgment: Kaito Files - 53

But nothing is ever easy for the detective agency Yagami and as of course, this affair does not concern only a banal investigation to find Mikiko: many other more or less shady men will cross the Bourrin Bourrin road. And that is good, he has the respondent: unlike Yagami who has several rather aerial martial arts in his panoply of detective, Kaito focuses on two styles of fighting which are reminiscent of the abilities of the old Kiryu Kazuma, with A very offensive style (knock) and the other based on defense (tank). How good it is to grab a scooter with both hands and make it spin to literally burst the impediments from investigating in circles!

On the other hand, surveys oblige, Kaito resumes some gameplay concepts well logically: we are thus always entitled to spinning, infiltration in gentle (with a few fists in the well felt muzzle anyway) and drone flights, but in quantity drastically reduced necessarily, up to the duration of the DLC closing in a few hours. Also, the former Yakuza has a peculiarity to Yagami to his credit: his “bestial” side allows him to base himself on his “primitive sense” to analyze places; We can thus alternate between views, hearing and smell to find clues and advance in history. On the other hand, it is necessary to think of going back and forth or even of checking the same places several times in a row by changing its primitive direction to unlock clues – I thought I would remain blocked at one or two moments saying to me ” But I have already checked that three times… Ah well if, a new thing has appeared “. A little painful… Otherwise, Kaito can also use his senses in the streets of Kamurocho, to find flashbacks (!) To unlock skills, hear cats that will spin objects and skills books (ah good) when we Grattouille and sniff stuff between two garbage cans to collect gold or – always – skill books. Definitely, you have to play with your critters everywhere if you want to unlock everything…

Success guaranteed 100%

As a DLC of a game that has nothing to prove, Kaito’s files only make the recipe by changing some menus ingredients. In the end, we are clearly not lost and the adaptation is immediate to focus on the story of Kaito and his setbacks, between very muscular clashes and improbable encounters. If we can regret something, it is that the DLC is still a little short, but in parallel it was better than it does not drag too long, the story clearly not having the same depth as that of the Basic game. We can nevertheless take more time to unlock all the skills, which opens up a last bonus confrontation like what was done with the Amon dynasty in the Yakuza… On the other hand, I may look, I do not I still didn’t understand _Who he wanted to kaito so much, so as far as I am concerned they were clashes without tail or head just for the pleasure of typing well-tied mid-boss. This does not prevent the DLC from being pleasant to browse even if the chapters are linked very (too much?) Quick. And who knows, the final may open ways for a future episode, even if the future of the license _ judgment _Sest for the time being quite obscure, still pending confusion between Sega and the agency of Takuya Kimura, the actor embodying the hero Yagami. Hoping that they come back for a third episode in the years to come, alternating with the revival of the Yakuza series… that’s all I want!

Test made on PlayStation 5 by Bardiel Wyld from a version provided by the editor.

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