Volume where the in -game collaboration cafe is too detailed -Galette found in Shibuya of the 5th “GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO” Hardcore Gaming Cooking

Hardcore gamers! Have you ever thought of this while playing the game? “I see this item well, but what do you taste?” I am often there. So, in this article, in order to “solve” this question, I will buy “example food”, which is the first thing that I often hear the name but I do not understand the actual taste, and cook to approach the actual situation.

So it is the 5th cooking plan. The work that is the subject of this time is “ Ghostwire: TOKYO “, which adventures in Shibuya, where humans have disappeared and have become the town of mysterious (and dogs, cats and tengu). I was playing the same work and I was worried about this shop.

It is a store that focuses on a collaboration cafe with the so -called anime work called Emmate Cafe. I like the original story because it is easy to understand.

It seems that this Emmate Cafe is currently conducting a collaboration cafe with the application “ Omoriku! ” that is currently popular in Shibuya.

Click here for the menu. I can’t help but worry about full -fledged French cuisine. And if you look at the menu that is made in detail, it would be humanity to want to eat. It must be so.

So, this time, I would like to make “ peaceful earth galette ★ ” that I especially “Eat…” .

However, of course, it is not a collaboration cafe that was done in reality, so the information is only one photo and the word “peaceful earth galette”. So we just move on to guess (while imagining the taste).

・ Galette is probably buckwheat flour

・ Because it is a peaceful earth, try it with a lot of root vegetables

・ Is the carrot visible in the ingredients?

・ It looks like cheese

I guessed it, and it started cooking because there was a medo that could be made to some extent!

Start from buckwheat powdered Nerineri

First, prepare 150g of buckwheat flour, 100 ml of water, and 1/4 teaspoon of salt, and mix them all with a wooden spatula.

Nerineri. Nerineri until the powdery disappears. Anyway, Nerineri.

Then, the powdery suddenly disappears from a certain moment.

After the end of the powdery end, add 150 ml of water and one melted egg, and shake with a foam.

It doesn’t look like a slapstick, and once it is mixed, it ends. Unlike flour, it is a little gray color, and the scent was slightly sober. Is this the scent of buckwheat flour? Leave the fabric once.

Next, prepare the ingredients. Ginseng and onions are cut small. The shimeji is dropped and removed appropriately.

Cut into small potato peaches. This is isolated because I want to prepare separately.

Finally, cut three bacons to about 2cm width, and prepare the ingredients is OK.

Draw olive oil in a frying pan and fry the bacon. When the fat melts, the vegetables are also put in.

I noticed while frying, but it would have been better to heat the carrots with the highest priority, because the hardness is different from other ingredients. Or it should have been heated in a microwave.

Potatoes are poured with potato starch and fried with olive oil. It would be interesting if I gave a difference in texture in the ingredients.

Now you can prepare the ingredients. Let’s make it the final shape!

Put the salad oil in the frying pan, spread it over the whole with a paper towel, and remove the fabric.

I really wanted to spread it lightly, but I was a little more due to my lack of skills.

When the surface of the fabric is dry, put the ingredients and cheese above.

While keeping the heat of the fabric that does not burn the dough, add heat slowly until the cheese melts. Dissolve, melted cheese.

Speaking of galettes, the style of folding all sides toward the center is common, but this time it is a dynamic fold with priority on reproduction. In addition, add heat into the ingredients and dissolve the cheese.

If you prepare a raw vegetable for garnish, and transfer it to a plate, “ peaceful land galette ★ ” is completed!

A cross -sectional view. The melting condition of the cheese is good. The balance between the dough with a unique flavor of buckwheat flour, the cheese inside the cheese and the bacon is the best. The difference between the fried ingredients and the fried potato texture was also accented and finished.

In addition, there is a drink in the menu that can be checked in the game…

Here. “ sickness soda ” using blue culassau syrup (orange -flavored blue syrup without alcohol) and carbonated water (*not a “disease healing” common in amulets). This has become a complete body as a collaboration cafe. (I couldn’t get a coaster that I could get randomly because of the bonus, so I couldn’t be a super -perfect body. I’m sorry.

There were quite a few parts, such as the cooking, the process of stretching the fabric thinly, and the subsequent heat, so I thought it was an easy subject, but it was a difficulty that could not be d1. You have the fun of defeating a strong enemy. Fight with 9 buttons in some world .

If you have any ideas on the subject, I would be grateful if you could give me a comment. By the way, there is one dish that I want to do, but I haven’t done it yet because the game has not been released. Kawabanga . Let’s look forward to the next time.

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