Even if you do not buy the DLC, it will be necessary to update Monster Hunter Rise

The month of June is quickly approaching, that means that users of _ Monster Hunter Rise _ will be ready to be able to play first hand to their expansion called _ Sunbreak _ . Which seeks to give a second air to the original 2021 launch, which became a sales success for the Hybrid console of Nintendo and the franchise of _ Capcom _ .

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However, not all are good news around the launch, since an official update of the page confirms that the discharge of the patch will be mandatory for all players. That tells us, even if it is not intended to acquire the expansion, it is forced to download the 13 GB to use the online services within the vanilla title.

This is something that everyone could not like, since the console does not have much memory inside and some are not willing to pay for additional memory.

This is the content that will come for those who decide to add _ Sunbreak _ A _ Monster Hunter Rise _ :

  • New story, base, places, monsters and the ‘master rank’.

  • ‘Citadel’ is a new environment with varied scenarios.

  • The ‘Elgado’ location, a considerable center with a completely new cast.

  • Three guardians are great objectives. Garangolm, a powerful beast with fangs with strong attacks. Lunagaron, a wyvern with fangs that can cover his body with ice, and the Malzeno dragon, the main monster of the expansion.

  • There will be new movements and many options to refresh the experience.

Remember that the game is available at _ Nintendo Switch and PC _ .

Editor’s note : Being honest, it would be a mistake for someone to continue playing Monster Hunter Rise without buying the expansion, since all users will go to these new fighters in the first weeks of departure. But also, it may be an unfair download for who is just buying the title during these moments of the year.

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