The fact that the Roman Pellegrini native is one of the best standard and long-distance shooting experts in Serie A should be known. There were further examples of his arts on this Saturday evening in the course of the 37th and penultimate match day in the Italian Oberhaus – only: no goal. Because the captain of the Roma fired two remarkable spacer shots on the aluminum, via free kick to the right crossbar (19th minute) and also by free kick to the upper edge of the crossbar (56.).

Pellegrini was not only the hair over himself that evening at the Stadio Olimpico, two of his colleagues were also followed by the bad luck. Both Cristante with a hammer -hard spacer shot (51.) and Joker Zalewski with a great Schlenzer also deserted on the crossbar (89.). Apart from the four aluminum hits, the favorite from the capital also often found its master in goalkeeper Mäenpää, Abraham or substitute El Shaarawy failed in a powerful final phase at the 37-year-old Finn.

Roma missed victory, Venice gets off again

And so the Roma, who was arguing with Lazio, Florence and Atalanta around the international ranks, had to be content with a 1-1 win against Venetier. 1: 1 because the Conference League final part-closer (on May 25 at 9 p.m. against Feyenoord Rotterdam) coached the 0: 1 by a header from Okeke and subsequently only captured himself and even only after 50 seconds Through Joker Shomurodov, a successful shot came under the crossbar (76th).

Venice, Italy: Why You Should NEVER Visit!

The fact that Venice’s kiyine after step against Pellegrini and the following Var use had not helped the smooth red card. All in all a disappointing evening for the Romans with well over 30 degrees – but also for Venice, which has to compete in series B (only six wins and 26 points in 37 games due to the missed threesome).

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