Information about Arma Reformer shooter has leaked to the network

Earlier this week, Bohemia Interactive announced the date of the “Future Arma” broadcast, in which it should tell about what awaits fans of this series in the future.

The New Arma Game IS COMING TO CONSOLE: Arma 4 / Reforge / Platform Will Be On Xbox, Maybe PS

Now information about the multi -platform game Arma Reformer has leaked to the network, which should soon be released on personal computers, as well as Xbox and PlayStation consoles. It is reported that ReForger is announced simultaneously with ARMA 4, and this game will serve as a presentation of a series for console players, as well as a bridgehead for testing new technologies and design for ARMA 4. The Cold War period will be the setting of the new game, and the broadcast with the announcements will take place on May 17 at 20 at 20 : 00 (Moscow time).

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