What is Zenless Zone Zero? Exit date, trailer, closed beta

The new name included in Hoyooverse is a role -playing game called Zenless Zone Zero. Little is known about ZZZ, as it was officially disclosed on May 13, 2022. Before the disclosure of the information, many rumors went, but now we have more specific information. Below you can find everything we know about ZZZ.

All we know about Zenless Zone Zero

What is the release date of Zenless Zone Zero?

Zenless Zone Zero - Official Announcement Trailer

There is there is no official release date for Zenless Zone Zero, therefore, unfortunately, any terms for ZZZ will be speculates, although Genshin Impact took several years to release after it was open. To keep abreast, subscribe to the official Zenless Zone Zero Twitter. You can see the announcing trailer for Zenless Zone Zero YouTube Channel.

How to register in the beta version of Zenless Zone Zero

There is registration for closed beta testing occurs for ZZZ. You can contact the Zenless Zone Zero website for registration for beta testing. Just press the registration button and fill out the questionnaire. However, this guarantees that you will be selected.

What platforms will Zenless Zone Zero be on?

At the moment, Zenless Zone Zero is confirmed for PC and iOS . Since the announcement of the game about other platforms, there was not a word, but Genshin Impact and other Mihoyo games were transferred to additional platforms after release.

What is Zenless Zone Zero?

Zenless Zone Zero is a new game from Mihoyo, which is part of Hoyooverse with Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact and others. This is action-role game with smooth cinematic combat style. The action takes place in the post -apocalyptic world with urban fantasy theme, where civilization is trying to recover from a disaster called void.

ZZZ presents a variety of characters that work together. They call the city of New Erid their home and must protect it from monsters. These partners have to test themselves on the way to different fractions and reveal a mysterious conspiracy.

Is Zenless Zone Zero a gacha-game?

In most games, Mihoyo has some kind of gachi system, so ZZZ will most likely be a gache-game or will have a fucker. This is a pure assumption since nothing was confirmed for the new name Hoyoverse.

Trailer Zenless Zone Zero

With the release of ZZZ MIHOYO, he released a cinematic trailer that gives an idea of the world of the game, including setting, characters and a hint of the gameplay. You can see the Zenless Zone Zero trailer below.

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