Hunt: Showdown has renewed 1.8.1 with a new quests system and two types of obsessed

Hunt Showdown New Quest Update 1.8.1
The German developer Crytek released a fresh update 1.8.1 for the multiplayer action Hunt: Showdown. The update includes a new quests system, two additional subspecies of obsessed and many changes with corrections.

The new quest system called “calls” will replace daily and weekly tests. It consists of 5 types of quests: simple, basic, PVP, complex and legendary. These variations differ from each other with tasks and awards (from 1 to 6 new “stars” and various game items). At the same time, only two quests can be active, but if these slots are not enough, then the third can be unlocked for bonds.

What about a couple of new subspecies, they turned out to be obsessed with a gun and obsessed with the lamp. Despite the name of the first, he does not shoot from weapons, but causes them damage in close combat with the help of a handle. The second attacks the lamp that can be taken if the obsessed does not have time to break it.

In addition, the update brought some changes in the sound, weapons, the game world, and also corrected a bunch of errors, including exploit with the light of the stairs. You can read more about everything in the developer’s message.

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