The best assembly for a Sarah pressing specialist in Fortnite

Sarah hugging specialist is one of many heroes for whom you can play like Fortnite Save The World. Save The World is your own Fortnite Pve, in which you are fighting to protect your base from the husk. Although Fortnite has several Snuggle Specialist Sarah assemblies, here is our own assembly that you can use in Fortnite Save The World. Sarah, a hug specialist, has a privilege called the dragon tail . Thanks to this perk, whenever you use Dragon blow you leave a charged tail that inflicts 45 basic energy damage per second and slows down enemies 30% for three seconds for three seconds.

Fortnite: Snuggle Specialist Sarah Build and Gameplay

assembly of Sarah, hugs for Fortnite

Since Sarah, a hug specialist, is a ninja, this assembly is aimed at strengthening its damage in close combat. Here are all the benefits that you need to choose for this assembly.

Team bonus

Endless blades: For each ninja in your team with 3 or more stars, the duration of your rack increases by 4 seconds.

Support Group

Murder : Damage to the near -battle weapons gives 1 glass of murder. This bonus is summed up to 5 times. Liquidation lasts 5 seconds and increases the damage from weapons by 4.5%.

The legendary blade : **** when using Shadow Stance, the damage from the sword increases by 25%.

Fast charging : **** The destruction of near -battle weapons gives 7.5 energy.

The wings of the dragon : **** increases the radius of the Dragon Slash by 3 cells.

Damaged aura : In the rack of the shadow, applies to the closest enemies 6 units of basic damage per second.

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