Com2us Holdings, Walking Dead: All Stars Pre -Reservation Official Page Open

Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong -guk) announced on the 23rd that it has opened an official reservation page ahead of the domestic launch of collection RPG and Working Dead: All Stars.

If you participate in the pre -booking through the official page, you can receive the main character of the game, Shane, and the main goods, ‘100,000 Cannes’ as a gift. In particular, Shane is a physical attack tanker that can protect the entire allies by using the ‘shield’ skill. She is a character that is expected to play a big role in leading the survivor group at the beginning of the game. Meanwhile, until early June, when the game is scheduled to be released, you can participate in advance reservations through Google Play and Apple App Store.

‘Walking Dead: All -Stars’ is a collection RPG that embodies a lively graphic based on the illustration of the original comics. The game adds tension by melting a gloomy post -apocalyptic atmosphere in the game. In addition, as well as popular original characters such as ‘Misson’, ‘Negan’ and ‘Glen’, their own creative characters appear. The worldview has been expanded by adding rich contents such as ‘inclination (attribute)’, characteristic skills, various collections and growth factors, PVEs and PVPs surrounding survival. The game will be introduced in the global market in the second half of this year after its launch in Korea.

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‘Working Dead: All -Stars’ is a game that utilizes ‘Walking Dead’ original IP and was developed by Funflo (CEO Son Kyung -hyun), a professional RPG developer who incorporated into Com2us Group. The original ‘Walking Dead’ is a cartoon novel (graphic noble) published from 2003 to 2019. In the near future when civilization was destroyed by Walker (Zombie), the survivors’ desperate struggle and inspiring stories caused a global zombie syndrome.

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